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Those last 2 sentences gave me goose bumps! Spot on Christy! I too have a special needs child, as parents we need to fight for every one of their rights and needs! Thank you for writing!

omg. had no idea the nazis killed children, in that manner. awful, but thank you for posting. educating readers, through your insightful compassion, is a gift, you have in your writing <3

How do middle class parents of teens with HFA, Aspbergers qualify/receive respite. Our son, who was thought to be high-functioning (sorry- Do not mean to offend anyone-This term is do misleading btw.),and his behaviors (aggression, fixations, refusal to brush teeth, shower, do homework,tech addiction) are destroying my family. Puberty seems to be the great equalizer. There never seems to be help for those in the middle and the problems are so great and so easily misunderstood by others. No family will even take him for a night and yet lament how they wish they could help. How about money for Respite?

Shelley, I know it differs from state to state and for us in AK income isn't factored into the equation in order to receive services unless Elias was over eighteen and making a certain amount of money, he essentially makes no money know and it is his income not ours that qualifies him. Does that make sense? I will also send you an email with some more thoughts.

Colby, I didn't know Nazis exterminated disabled children either, especially under the false pretense of caring for them. Sickening. And yes, I will keep writing, thank you my dear old roomie.

Toni, thank you, we are all in this together, and it is never easy, but we'll keep fighting on till the end.

As a Jewish woman, with daughters and a grandson, Never Forget is always on my mind these days. When I was a little girl we were taught about the true horrors of the Holocaust. My daughter desperately wants her son to go to religious school. The school of her religion and culture. She's too frightened to let him go with all that is happening now. Never forget rings louder in my ears than ever. Never forget so we can't let it happen again. Never forget.

Yes Cricket--never ever forget. And I hope your grandson can attend the school of your daughter's choice. Regardless I know your family will teach him. Never forget. thank you.

My son is Special Needs to the point he's semi-independent, but probably will never live fully in his own. These cuts scared me because I wondered how he would survive as an adult in a post-Drumpf world. The new budget was written for no other purpose than to sink those who rely on these benefits. So sad and disappointing, considering most in that party consider themselves 'pro-life'.

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