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A happy story, on so many levels.

Damn you woman! Once again in tears at your beautiful words!

What a great day! Congratulations to you & Elias!

What a great day!! Everyone is happy!

Such entrancing stories!
I so look fwd to meeting Elias one day (and you two!)

And again, I want to come visit. :)

Natural therapy = Alaska Terrain. Great decision to live outside city life :-)

A lovely story...with the "main character" son so very handsome and engaging and alive through your words (and pictures), the concern and pride evident and real. A delicate dance and a gentle but very moving story. More! is it even fair to ask for more?

What a gift it is to find your Journal. Thank you, sincerely, for your courage in sharing these intimate moments of challenge and victory.

We who live in the shadow of terrible illness must be as family to each other; your writing--so full of empathy--draws humans together in a way that I cannot define in a simple comment...I can only say that I will be honored to Follow Elias on this path, and perhaps learn to face my own challenges with the grace your family has shown us.

Thank you all so much for your comments, for sharing this journey, and for your love and support, even if we've never met, your words help carry me forward and remind me why, even when its hard, I keep returning here to write.

Elias is still talking about all the different elevators. This morning before heading out to school he said, "Mom, remember when the B elevator did that big bump?"

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