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Salmonfest is none of our realities...oh if it could be...you are dealing with your reality the best way you know how. And good for your family!

I've been following your story since birth of my son, 13 years ago, 3 months premature...
My son used to be violent, aggressive, throw things at me, kick, punch, turn furniture up side down...
Well, in his case it was a result of consuming corn syrup, artifitial colors and flavors, gluten, of course, BHT preservatives, natural flavors, natural smoke flavor, etc. Store bought popcorn would cause a major meltdown.
First 5 years of his live he was on prevacid for reflux and pediasure to help with calories and I believe those completely destroyed his stomach culture and made him sensitive to all those things I listed...
If you tried eliminating those ingredients and didn't see anything different, ignore my message.

I can well believe you, since I have my own 13 yo with autism. So far he has understood not to hit others other than a couple token swings. but the self-injurious behavior is so hard to deal with, along with destructive behavior that is quiet but thorough. I wish it were different. Occasionally I worry that he will cross the line in his anger to hurting others. I just... sigh. It's getting better, I think. Puberty and autism do not mix well.

G, thanks for the suggestions, he's been gluten-free and that helps but I've also considered cutting more, he had one meltdown after eating skittles and I remember thinking abut all the dyes in that candy and how that affected him. The connection between the gut and behavior is fascinating. Thanks too for following along all these years.

Tracy, so true about puberty and autism. I too think its getting better with Elias a s far as frequency and yet he is so much stronger that when he does melt it is more intense. I'm hoping there is another side we will both get to when we will look back at this stage and say remember when...

Valerie, thank you, always for your support. And yes Salmonfest is a dream world for everyone;)

me again... just had to share these with you.
About skittles:
About food coloring sensitivity:
This book explains everything. I highly recommend reading it if you haven't or at least listening to author's interviews on youtube:

Thank you for the resources I will check them out now!

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