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you forgot to say more about the award! Don't be afraid to share since we are all friends here and relish your accomplishment. I remember that story but would love to see it again in case you want to do a "repeat post". Elias looks taller than your mom which as I recall, isn't too hard, but is he taller than your pops now too? Relieved to hear that you have your fish for the winter and jealous of that feeling of having caught your dinner. We don't do that much in Ohio!

You just write so beautifully! As a fellow mom of a son with special needs, I so enjoy your posts.

Sorry for the late reply Fleming I've been away from the internet again. Elias is taller than my Mom but not my Dad yet. The award was a complete surprise. I knew my story was published in Cirque but didn't know it had been selected as one of five finalists of all the entries published that year nor that the son of the award namesake had chosen it for the award. I got the email on a day when I was questioning whether or not I was really a writer. It came with a hundred dollars and the opportunity to be recognized at the reading.

Toni, thank you , its an honor to connect with other parents like you.

Oh and i added links to both the wriite and video of my Arctic Entries dipnetting story that won the award for Cirque.

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