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I’m so happy that the gift made it to you and that he likes it. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Sending all my love. 😘😘

Every time I get in an elevator now, I look for the manufacturer. (I see mostly OTIS here) and think so very fondly of your son, this boy in AK. This is amazing - I cannot imagine a big corporation or even small-ish company reaching out in such a human way - These 2 companies are just inspiring! It is SO cool how your family brings people together around the country !

I know-- I am still in awe and wish I could have seen them designing and creating the elevator cube. It is realy the coolest most perfect gift for my boy.

I love too the way people come together all around the world and I think its not unique to our family but lies in the power of stories and the human heart.

Love to all!

OMG!!!! Spectacular! Yes! There is so much good in this world!!!!!

This is amazing! How sweet and thoughtful and perfect!!!! I totally want to come play with it - if he’ll let me. In the other case I totally want to watch HIM play with it! πŸ˜€

Tears of joy for Elias! Good people do exist...thank you for sharing ; )

This is a hundred times cooler than whatever was in the first package!! I'm so glad this happened, for Elias, and for you. Maybe that earlier yucky incident was required to bring about this awesome outcome... people really are amazingly good! btw I just binged read the last three months of your posts and am again filled with so many profound feelings. Thankful for you sharing your life, your gorgeous and brutally honest writing, and the flavor of your days. I am touched, challenged, and changed each time I read your work. Sending you so much love and appreciation.

Come play with it Ginna!

Louise, I always love hearing from you, thanks for letting me know you binge read my posts and for your words of support.

This is just simply AWESOME! This seems like the perfect gift for Elias.

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