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Nana and Papa wrote:
We miss Elias' daily adventures using his walker but we are somewhat more rested since we aren't chasing him and preventing him from going down overly steep hills and into big "dips". We also miss Elias' parents!
7/18/2007 12:44 PM CDT

UncleAndrew wrote:
Can't wait to see you here in Seattle Thursday night. Tess is excited to see cousin "B'Elias" as she calls him for some reason. Then again. her mom is also "B'Elise"
7/18/2007 6:43 PM CDT

Niksmother wrote:
God Bless that woman with the walker! That made me teary. In a good way. I followed your "road trip"posts on your old blog. You give me so much hope that one day, when we can travel without the need for easy access to pediatric hospitals, Nik, Niksdad, and I can embark on our own grand adventure. Meanwhile, the thrill may have been vicarious but it was no less real!
7/19/2007 7:48 PM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
I'm in Seattle now with Andrew and Tess--"yeah Tesaroo" Elias says.

Niksmother, I hope you get the chance to escape the hospital-leash too some day. As we begin the drive North, back home to AK, my head is starting to try to schedule his therapy appointments for the fall, and though it will be great to see his therapists I'm not looking forward to the hectic schedule.

And mom and dad, Elias still talks about both of you every day.

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