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Noel Dennehy wrote:
Sometimes you write way too well, I am crying so hard after reading your latest blog.
Now, I wish you lived closer so that we could wrap our arms around you, though we have never met. Loss is just way too hard no matter what form it takes. You have a fabulous family and what I am alway amazed at is how many others are also touched by your story- you have touched so many but all of us feel your pain at this sad time.
Love you and your special family,
1/7/2008 9:06 PM CST

Special Needs Mama wrote:
This is profound and beautiful and achingly sad. I am thinking of you.
1/7/2008 9:30 PM CST

gators14112 wrote:
I am so sorry. I know that doesn't help ease the pain, but my heart breaks for you. I wish there was something to say that would make this easier, but there isn't. Please know you're in my thoughts!!
1/7/2008 9:41 PM CST

Garrison'smommy wrote:
I wept tears of joy when Kathy told me you were expecting and I wept again when I read your post Loss. I know how you must want to scream and yell and say: THIS IS NOT FAIR! I totally get that-do it and don't be afraid to let it all out...It will make you all the more stronger to face what life has in store for you next. I am holding you in my thoughts as you continue to heal.
1/7/2008 9:42 PM CST

AngieinNYC wrote:

I'm so glad you have Nick and Elias at your side, not to mention wise, wise Tonsina... Dog spelled backwards is God. (As much as I love that sentiment, I promise not to embroider it onto a fugly throw pillow for you.)

You are not alone. It is our privilege to read this catharsis. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

1/7/2008 10:07 PM CST

divaughn765607 wrote:
I am so very, very sorry, Christy. I'm so glad you have Elias to make you better. Boys are awesome that way. Huge {{{hugs}}} from another preemie mom...
1/8/2008 12:31 AM CST

Nelba wrote:
I am so sorry!
1/8/2008 6:11 AM CST

Not That You Asked... wrote:
Christy, I am so, so sorry this happened to you. I've been there, too, and it is a craptastic place to be. (And that's putting it mildly.) Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
1/8/2008 8:26 AM CST

Kaily&Dorothysmom wrote:
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious one. Our first loss was so devastating I didn't think I would ever be the same. And, you know, parts of me are still changed forever. We lost another one on Christmas Eve. If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to email me. For me, it helps to talk to people who have been there. Know you are loved and thought of. Take care of yourself and give yourself the freedom to feel.
1/8/2008 9:02 AM CST

loreleismama wrote:
I am so sorry. I hate that the ER made you wait. When I had my first loss the ER told me "well you can wait, but you do know there is nothing we can do." I just about jumped across the counter at the woman.

That33Girl wrote:

I am so sorry. The empty space where hope should be is the space most impossible to bear. Fill it with grief and sorrow, guilt and anger, rage and pain until you are done and then give yourself love and joy and peace and the seed of hope for a better outcome next time.
Dont forget how incredibly strong and wonderful you were in the past - you can be that person again.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do and of course you can email me.
Love, Kate
1/8/2008 10:26 AM CST

smatz1624814 wrote:
Dear Christy and Nick,
Know we are thinking of you with love.
Sara and Michael
1/8/2008 11:29 AM CST

idkatums wrote:
I am sorry you had to endure the ER. I too had a early loss, which is very hard to go through. My doctor told me to "get over it", and thank gosh she's no longer at the practice anymore. You are in my thoughts as you go through this. I am glad you have Elias, Nick and Tosnia to help with the sorrow.
1/8/2008 12:05 PM CST

theroyalprincez wrote:
hi Christy, i usually just read along, but i want you to know how very sorry i am at the loss of your baby. i was very saddened to read about it, and even more so at the way the ER responded to you by allowing you to sit so long. i pray God's comfort and healing into all of your family.

1/10/2008 9:35 AM CST

makemesmilenc wrote:
oh Christy! i am so sorry! i used to follow you and Elias a few years back, and over changing jobs, and losing bookmarks, i have forgotten to check in. but i was reading something this morning that made me think of you, so i searched for your old site and followed the new link and am saddened to hear of your loss. my thoughts are with you all during this undoubtedly tough time. *hugs*
1/22/2008 10:57 AM CST

kylenjenr1 wrote:
Christy, I am new to this website, and today I've read your blog for over two hours, and all about what a spectacular, beautiful and yes, what a mirical child Elias is. I am also a nurse. I tell you, it doesn't change a thing-it doesn't make it easier either. I've seen some bad things, but nothing must hurt more than this-I can't stop crying at your loss... I can't quit cryiing for all you've been through, as my baby kicks away inside me, due in April. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!
I just wan't to hold you,hug you, cry.... and tell you something will happen to make it right. But I can't...I can only think of Elias. That precious boy of yours. He needs you, loves you, and cares for you. Your his Godess. Really. You save him from harm, cure his ailments, defend him and nurse him to the best health he can have, just as you have since he was born....I am so sorry. I just can't stop crying...after all you've been through, too. Thank God for the gift God gave you....Elias. Please write again so we can all follow you, Nick and Elias.
2/20/2008 8:11 PM CST

Following Elias wrote:
All of your words help me to keep writing. Thank you!

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