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makemesmilenc wrote:
i loved this entry <3

i would hope Exxon chooses to do the right thing, the MORAL thing.
2/28/2008 9:33 AM CST

gretacamp wrote:
Wow, Christy you are an amazing writer! And what takes you to that platform is not only your talent in expressing your ideas but the ideas themselves- enlightening. I think you have captured - at a young age - a true joy of life. As I "grow up," happiness unveils itself more and more in places I wouldn't have imagined - I see it in my life and the lives of my friends, family and strangers. Sadly, we try to protect ourselves too much from those shadows of the unknown - thinking that if we remove pain and hardship then we are better off. We are fools to think that way! Thank you for sharing with this blog.
2/28/2008 10:06 AM CST

loreleismama wrote:
A picture (or pictures) speak a thousand words. I have known fromthe moment I started reading your blog that Elias is a soucre of pure joy! He is NEVER without a smile on his face.
2/28/2008 10:13 AM CST

idkatums wrote:
As I've said before, I never see Elias' walker in your pictures, just his beautiful smiling face! I wish more people would see the innate beauty in a person's smiling face, rather than the injury or disability on their body. It's a disservice to both people!

Love your writing Christy! Wish I could learn from you, you have an amazing talent!
2/28/2008 11:51 AM CST

Following Elias wrote:
He really does smile most of the time, Loreleismama, and I think my biggest hope for his future, beyond mobility, vision, etc, is that he retains his sense of joy.

Thank you Greta for such support and encouragement to keep on writing and sharing!

And yes, makemesmilen, I too hope that this case ends with moral actions, so the Alaskans affected by the spill can have closure...not that the money can really make up for their losses, or for the oil still found in the sound, but yes, at least they would feel a sense of justice.
2/28/2008 11:54 AM CST

Following Elias wrote:
idkatums, you must have been writing your comment while i was writing mine:) I LOVE that you only see his smile and that everything else fades away--I wish more folks followed your lead and saw the light within instead of outer appearances.

And yet I'm hopeful, today at least, that more and more people will.
2/28/2008 11:58 AM CST

Mehitabel wrote:
Love your writing, always have . . but zowie, you have outdone yourself today . . . "But because I do not side step these puddles but walk right through them, greasy knees and all, I find dry spaces of light where the world balances easily on my fingertip. And the sound of it spinning rings of pure delight."
Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you, Christie.
2/28/2008 12:19 PM CST

k_zentner wrote:
What a beautiful post. Made me cry...but in a good way. Thanks.
2/28/2008 12:59 PM CST

sylvandmike wrote:
once again, great lunch time reading and catching up for me! anyone who has met elias knows that his smile is pure joy! =) take care. xxoo, s
2/28/2008 3:11 PM CST

Following Elias wrote:
Katie and Sylvia, so cool to get your comments back to back and to connect with you both from afar:)

And Mehitabel, thank you for your sweet words of support.
2/28/2008 5:50 PM CST

Deidremz wrote:
Phenomenally beautiful Christy! Both your post and your kiddo!
2/28/2008 7:21 PM CST

virginiawilliams wrote:
Christy, what a beautiful post..."greasy knees and all." Wow. I think you get more joy when you wade through the sorrows, confront them head on, because then you can see the joy more clearly when it arrives.

2/28/2008 7:51 PM CST

jessmatz wrote:
I kept thinking that of course, for you, the color of joy is orange. I love that.
Thank you again for reminding me how I want to live my life.
2/28/2008 9:26 PM CST

Siddamom wrote:
Letting loose a bit, being in the moment, without the judgements, without the balance sheet for the big company.....

2/29/2008 11:03 AM CST

Autismville wrote:
Wow. Beautiful post.

2/29/2008 5:39 PM CST

Following Elias wrote:
Jess, I had fun looking through pictures and selecting ones where Elias was wearing orange--I had many more to choose from:) Go figure, says the woman with a bright orange purse, coat, and hat.

Thank you all for taking a moment to let me know you appreciated this post. I enjoyed writing it and it is such a treat to read your reactions. You all make me smile.
3/1/2008 11:17 AM CST

Niksmother wrote:
Exquisite. Once again. Yes, the moments when the world balances and it all rings with delight...and wonder. I live for those moments. :-)
3/2/2008 7:23 PM CST

Wow -I'm mesmerized by your writing ability, you have been blessed by the god of words. But the reason I'm still reading you, in my uncomfortable chair after two hours of logging on, is that you have finally made sense for me of the knotted, jumbled feelings I feel toward my special needs child. Reading you is the perfect antidote to the ugly bitterness I'm guilty of feeling, all too often, over my priceless boy. Thank you for snapping me right out of it. Will come back for more of this ray of light.

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