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Siddamom wrote:
Hey, you may have fell in Junior high--so many girls lose themselves then--but you recovered so young.

That shows a tremendous sense of self.

Can't wait for more!
4/21/2008 9:37 AM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
When I first read Reviving Ophelia, i kept thinking hey, "she's writing a book about me." Its true that so many girls lose their power around age eleven...we have a lot to learn from those who don't. And thanks Siddamom for seeing the positive, especially in a post that I write with some feelings of shame. You have a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. thank you.
4/21/2008 7:00 PM CDT

Siddamom wrote:
I bought that book, Reviving Ophelia, for my girls. I don't even totally remember the conclusions drawn, but I held onto my innocence/childhood persona, somewhat, for a long time (to much ridicule), but lost it in a big, drunken, druggie way in college.

Much more dangerous then, I think.....freedom, no street savvy.....I'm sure I made your screw ups look like successes, my dear!

I love your story, all of it.
4/21/2008 9:42 PM CDT

JenniferIB wrote:
Beautiful -- true courage is that which comes from hard work, and here's the kicker -- all of the best "stuff" we can have around, our families, children, dreams realized, come from hard work and prove how courageous we really are, especially when we try to hide from it. Sharing childhood shame does not lessen who you are -- sharing how you grew from it has only made my esteem of you grow.
4/21/2008 11:36 PM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
Jennifer, you made me cry, good tears, after a day of feeling "like a bad girl,".... Old feelings that still surprise me now and again. Thank you.

And Siddamom, your screwups line made me laugh out loud. I think it would be hard to turn some of them into successes...I mean, i know it would... but I know what you mean about the lethal mix of freedom without street savvy as I watched it happen to a lot of college girls who arrived far more innocent than me... Thanks for sharing again.
4/22/2008 12:16 AM CDT

ColbyCo wrote:
Bonne Histoire, m'aimee!

Comment about Reviving Ophelia - Uh oh ... learning from someone who has not lost her power - it's not so good on the other side. Women try to correct my friends and I for being outspoken; older generations tell us to be silent, while others critique "personality flaws," they way my friends dress, and how we need to sit down and "shut-up."

I am sure, you get the picture. It's not just men who keep women powerless; women really work hard to keep us powerless, too.

Love the personal history - so much I never learned!

All for now - Colby
4/22/2008 5:20 PM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
So true Colby, women can stomp just as hard as men, and even if its in the back it hurts just as much. thanks for the reminder and also for holding onto your power for all these years despite it all.
4/23/2008 1:04 AM CDT

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