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Siddamom wrote:
You sound like a great teacher, giving these girls respect, making them a partner with you in their learning and more importantly, your shared journey!

I can't wait to hear more.....
4/22/2008 8:47 AM CDT

gretacamp wrote:
I once asked people from home if you might ever consider moving closer to home again, given your new mother status and all. Perhaps I asked that b/c I've chosen Colorado, albeit not as wild as Alaska, and I wondered why I am so far away from home. But as years go by and kids grow roots, I feel that this is my home more and more. I still miss swimmable lakes and the ocean, trees seemingly as dense as jungles, and balmy summer nights, but leaving the forests and rivers and mountains in our backyard would take a huge chunk of life away now. It's a lot different than Taft in almost every way. And life was great playing Ghosts in the Graveyard in the main cirle at night after dinner. But life here is great too, and perhaps the wildness counters the safety that surrounded us as kids, and there's a part of me that yearns for that adventure. Kayaks and mountain bikes and skis now line our garage... :)
4/22/2008 10:03 AM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
Greta, I'm so glad that you too have traveled to a different world and found home...it was never in my plans but I felt a connection to the land here right away and then as you say, every year our roots grow deeper. Also since Nick grew up in Oregon and I grew up in CT, if we were to leave Alaska we'd have to choose a coast, choose a family, to live near...or we could split the difference and settle in Colorado by you:) I miss all the things you listed and I also miss old buildings with a history that goes beyond the 1950's...and yet when I leave Alaska I miss the open spaces and mountains that leap from the sea. I hope someday to be able to split time between the places and people I love...till then there's air miles to collect and vacations to plan.
4/22/2008 12:08 PM CDT

k_zentner wrote:
Sometimes I think Alaska welcomes those with a true sense of adventure and freedom in a way that no other place can. I am glad you've found your home and that you embraced your desire to find something more.
4/22/2008 2:14 PM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
So true about Alaska, Katie, so true. I hope to see you and Travis up here this summer. Big hug!

This is perfect for me because I love teaching, actually I'm studying to be a teacher that's why I feel so identify with this, I hope I have excellent results with my students and being confident with them in order they can feel comfortable.

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