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SaraSkates wrote:
I came back to your blog to read this a second time today - thank you for such a great story, and message.
7/29/2008 8:44 PM CDT

Following Elias wrote:
Thank YOU Sara for letting me know that you read it not once but twice.
7/30/2008 1:26 AM CDT

gretacamp wrote:
You are so lucky to participate in such an adventure. We all can camp in the outdoors if we choose and remember with a collective, ancestral memory the closeness to the land and water and creatures that keeps us alive. So easy to forget with supermarkets, online shopping, and fruit shipped from New Zealand just b/c it's in season there. But in Alaska, and with the resident right to fish for salmon in the wind and rain, you are lucky to be able to sharpen your tie with the earth and her bounty. This is another gift for Elias, as he continues to give you and Nick the gift of his unspoiled optimism.

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