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I am so pleased to hear Elias is feeling better and is back at school. Love his style of housework. I have a little house helper around my way who does very similar jobs for me ;-).

Glad to hear that Elias is feeling better and is back at school having fun. The kids seem really sweet.

It's so funny, Casey loves to clean the toilet too! Although I don't let him use the plunger, I do let him "scrub" the toilet a bit. Early training right? He also likes to put dishes in the sink and dirty clothes in the hamper. I guess we should take advantage of this love of sorting, I bet it won't last forever.

Seeing the classroom scene through your eyes brought a tear to my eye. I felt your pride in his independence and your hope for more. Elias is really growing up! I'm so glad he's feeling better.


I am so glad he's feeling better! Hey and any excitement around "cleaning" is great! Regardless of it's actually getting clean!

Good News!

Yay! Elias is feeling better. And the classroom scene got a big "awww" and tears in the eyes.

My son loves to help around the house, too. I need to let him do that more often, before he realizes it's really not any fun after all. ;)

The job that Elias IS really good at is pushing clothes into the drier, I put the wet clothes on the open door and he shoves them inside, and the funny thing is he thinks its such a treat:)

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