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I was reading some of your old post today and in one you were wondering if people would accept Elias' walker when he was no longer young and cute. What is crazy is reading it now and thinking how far he has come! He barely even uses his canes anymore let only a walker. Yay Elias!

Fortunately now you have your own blog....I hope that you can write here for more than two years...

I am sorry to hear they didn't let you keep all your posts. I have been following you on Parents for a long time and it's really sad to see it all gone... I will continue to follow your story here, and am happy you are continuing to write. You inspire me every day to be a better Mother. Thank You Christy.

I'm sorry! That would hurt me so much.

And I'm so happy that you're 29 weeks and counting. Each day is such a bonus - upright and gestating along! Here's to entering the 30s soon :-).

The only 15 post thing sucks. Sorry I don't think I can word it anymore eloquently.

Jessica, that was one cool thing about reading through all my old posts, it did remind me how far he has come. On the flip side i had a number of posts gloating about my "adaptable" boy who rarely cried, never whined,and well, that's changed too. But I remind myself its all part of normal development, asserting self, testing boundaries, though I'd love to have my cake and eat it too. Growth without meltdowns:)

Massageon: thank you for your kind words, they bolster me on mornings like this, when I stuff pre-packaged food into Elias's lunch bag, rush him through his homework we forgot to do last night, and put him on the bus with a sigh.

And yes Tracy and Virginia the 15 posts does suck and it hurts. Period.

but 29 weeks and counting....:) and at least, as Sara said, I can still write here.

Thank you all for following!!!!

Oh, and my Parents blog really is gone. I tried it this morning. Taken down. Poof.

Just checked my blog. Yep, it's gone. If I think about it too much, I'll have an Ugly Cry, but at least the physical writing is saved in Word, and most of my very favorite posts were reposted on my personal blog. Plus, I like to think that our best writing still lies ahead.

Congratulations on 29 weeks! I am so excited for you, Nick, and Elias to be a family of four. It's wonderful.

that picture of you and Elias is one of my favorites in recent memory! love!

Congrats on paring down to your final 15! I can imagine that it was far from easy and woeful that you were put in the position to do so. However, now that it's done and you have this beautiful new home, I look forward to continuing following your family's journey. At least you know this home is all yours.

And must agree with Ginna - that photo of you of and Elias is gold.

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