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So glad it was negative. He looks so cute in the picture. I LOVE pictures of sleeping kids, but I am always afraid I will wake them up!

So glad to hear this news! Hugs to you all...

congratulations and I hope he feels better soon!

Oh that is such a relief! I sure hope he gets over his crud soon and can be back playing and riding the elevators!

Happy news! And that's great that he ate a little. Hope he's all better soon!!

phew! I'm glad to hear it's negative. thanks for updating (you know we've all been checking back for news!) soon he'll be back to school but for now, he sure does look adorable sprawled across the bed. take care of you.

You are in my prayers -- always!

Christy, we just got back from out dr appointment- same thing "good news"! but with our history of breathing troubles and er visits it was good to go and have it be all good! Hang in there! Rest and cuddle!

I'm so glad his test was negative, but the pic of him sleeping and so clearly not his smiley self breaks my heart!! I hope he's up and back to normal soon,looking forward to some happy face pictures! xoxo from montreal, Quebec for him from his PAMC night nurse.

such a relief! was thinking of your family last night....such good news to wake up to!!

wow what an awful version of the crud! Hope he's on the mend soon - poor bug.

Thank Goodness!!!! Poor little guy. It's heartbreaking to see our little ones sick. Every time Santino has an ear infection or anything I just wish I could take it a deal with it instead of him.

Oh what a beautifull news!....so the next step is wake up.....I know everything will be ok again!

THRILLED to hear the results were negative! And that he is showing signs of improvement...even if they are small.

Hope he continues to improve and is back to his usual go, go, go self in no time.

And remember to take care of you too.

Good news indeed--for you too Jill!

Thank you all for breathing a sigh of relief right along with us. Its now wed. morning, he's still sleeping but no longer feverish. We'll keep him home from school today too and I'm hoping its one of our "normal" sick days where he pesters me to GO, GO, Go.

Then I'll know he's really better.

I'm glad he seems to be on the mend and because you are pregnant H1N1 does seem more of a threat. But really, so far H1N1 is just flu and I don't understand why people are more afraid of it than regular flu which kills a large amount of people every year. I hope that parents (and other people) will remember to do assessments of how ill somebody is as they have in past years not just whether or not they might have H1N1.

He is adorable when he is sleeping, but can't wait to see pictures of him walking thru the woods again! Thank goodness its not the H1N1!

Susanna, thank you for saying this, what a good point. Its so easy to get pulled into the media frenzy and to forget that sickness is sickness and we should judge the severity on our kids reactions not just on the name of an infamous pop illness. Wise words indeed.

I hope to have woods pictures soon Sange; he did wake up as say, "Want to go for a walk!"

I believe Elias is back.

Phew! So relieved for you.

Glad to hear he's already feeling better.

Gorgeous pic of him sleeping!

Thank you so much for taking the time to post to us the good news when all you want to do is join him in that comfy bed and snuggle. But the rest of us are on pins and needles because we love you all so much.
Remember bananas, rice, applesauce and crackers.

I'm glad that he's feeling better. I hope that everyone else in the house stays well too! No matter what it may be, it's always nervewracking to watch our little ones ill, especially those who aren't as resistant to complications. I hope he gets to go for a walk soon :-).

Oh, I'm so glad he's on the upswing. Hope the rest of you can dodge this, though, as it sounds like a nasty bug even if it isn't a famous one. :-)

Q: What's the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu?

A: The bird flu needs tweetment and the swine flu needs oinkment.


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