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As I hit publish, Elias is still in our bed, sleeping now, and when he wakes up we'll decide whether to bring him to his doctor's office to test for H1N1...I'll keep you all posted.

I am de-lurking to say that was so beautifully written. I have 2 in diapers and we suffered through a stomach virus last week. I held both of my "hearts" so very tight knowing I would be next in line (sure enough I was) but I can not image anyone else taking care of them.

Hold that little boy tight!

-Megan ([email protected] 's daughter)

oh, take care of him and yourself. I hope it's not the dreaded H1N1 for all of your sakes.

praying that all is well again soon.

awww - really your heart is wrapped very firmly around his little self and Olive's too - he has no idea :) Though really, I think he's pretty all-knowing about that one. Keep us posted please - you are all in our thoughts.

I hope your beautiful boy feels better this morning.

It's Tuesday morning, almost 6:00, can't sleep, Elias is on our bed, still hot, I see a doctor visit on our agenda this morning. When I called yesterday they said if he fever didn't break by this morning to bring him in...

Megan, thank you for de-lurking to write, hope your family remains healthy, and I will keep holding my little heart tight:)

And thank you all for caring so, it means the world.

Ooh--sorry to see the update in your comment, Christy. I hope the doctor visit goes well and that they can help Elias feel better soon.

Hugs to the whole family!

Can I bring you guys some food?

hope all goes well at the dr and that Elias is feeling better

I am so sorry to hear that Elias is unwell. Having an unwell child at the best of times is scary, but with this awful virus lurking around it's even worse. AND being pregnant doesn't help one little bit. Fingers crossed he's feeling better and the doctor's visit is all good.

Sending cyber hugs from Australia.

I hope healing arrives quickly--for all of you!

Emily, thank you for the food offer, I'm never one to turn down food:) Though I wouldn't want to spread the crud to your family. hope you are well. Would love to connect soon.

Thanks all!

We just got over the H1N1 flu here and luckily just myself and the 13yr old got it not the 16 month old. I am praying for all 4 of you, hoping you dont get it and That precious boy gets well soon. If I lived closer I would bring you food and leave it on the doorstep and run like we used to do as kids. Prayers from IL.

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