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That's great about the reprieve. Thoughts flooding your way re the test - both *doing* it and putting Elias through Yet Another, and awaiting the results.

Holding positive, healthy thoughts for all of you...but especially your children!

We did really find out right away--so maybe they will be able to tell you quickly. Fingers crossed!!

remember elias' doc doesn't think it very likely he has cf and lots of other things can cause those symptoms. Maybe more than one thing is causing symptoms that are all being grouped together as having one cause.

holding you in my thoughts today on this latest leg of the journey. Whatever the results, you both are the same people that walk in as walk out of that office. Brave, strong and full of joy.

I hope the CF test goes well. My son had one done about the same age and it is a hard test. I will be thinking about you both, well all three of you. Good Luck.

Thinking about all of you today and keeping the good news vibe going.

Thinking of you and sending lots of love your way ... feel free to stop by if you have a minute! Susan

All your thoughts helped!!!!!!

And we REALLY did find out on he same day:) Imagine that!

Susan, I'll try to stop by Friday after my ultraound if they don't send me home to bed.

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