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Have you ever read the children's book William's Doll? I just went to Amazon to see if it is still in print. It is the story about a darling little boy who wants a doll and the grandmother who realizes that he needs one to love. His brother calls him sissy and things like that. It is a great story. I thought it was brilliant of you to get Elias his own "Olive". Can't wait to hear whtat the doctor or the tests say tomorrow.
Lots of love,

Simply beautiful. And I like that tall girl. A lot.

Sniff. Way to be a good big brother already, Elias!

My kids have both loved William's Doll. What an excellent story - especially of Elias bringing Baby Olive with into your room. Toby has long preferred pink and baby dolls and lots of nurturing toys - though lately? It's all about guns. (Literally, he has asked me if he can go to "hunting camp" next summer - that just this morning - and whether he can make and xk350 or some model of a huge gun.) And this Lego League thing - I had 6 9-10 year old boys at my house yesterday and it was a whole lotta boys and weapons. Eesh.

Though to be honest he still nurtures stuff - pets and stuffed animals - he totally latched on to this stuffed turtle when we went to the water park about a month ago - it was his special friend who he included in *everything* at the park.

For Elias? Right now clearly it's a perfect gift. There are tons of kids' books about new siblings and even "broader" books about how parents can love lots of kids. The Napping House was a favorite in our house.

go buy that green blanket already - or at least link it so one of us can and deliver it to your doorstep ;)

Bummer for you that he doesn't ask to have an x-ray anymore or go to the hospital but what Kinderdgardner does? I know you don't like the word "normal" but that seems like a pretty "normal" reaction so...GREAT! He'd rather be at school and I consider that a huge success. You do have a lot going on in your lives, but he has adjusted to so many things already that he will adjust to Olive and a move as well. As long as he knows that you are all going somewhere TOGETHER, he'd surely go to the moon. Relax and enjoy being the powerful, round 32week momma that you are!

I love that you bought him a doll :) My son is always palying with the dolls at our house. Most of them are techniquelly his sister, but he has claimed many as his own. He is SO gentel and loving with them. My cousin rolls her stuck in a gender streotyped world eyes at me and mumbles about his too long hair and girly toys, but I just KNOW that I am teaching him how to be loving.
He loves "boy" toys too, but so does his big sister.

My son reacted the same way with the sweat test, he cried and carried on so much I asked if they had put the electrodes on incorrectly or if possibly the machine was malfuncioning and electrocuting him! Turns out he was just reacting like a scared 5 yr old.

I love the tall girl! I want my kid to be like her!

Your family has soooo much going on right now that you're all under abnormal amounts of stress, seems to me Elias is holding up remarkably well. I hope you all continue to take big deep slow breaths and ask friends for help.

My sister did the same thing...she got a doll for her son when she was expecting her daughter and he LOVED it! I think more than the sister that came later ! :-)

My Niece played all the time with dolls about the time that I was expecting my son (Jeremy) and once I had him ALL her dolls were named Jeremy...except one was Baby Jesus. Ha! So cute that Elias wanted to name his doll Olive!

Good luck with all the upcoming excitement.....and THANK YOU for letting all of us follow Elias with you!

We got Casey, or rather Grandma Judy) got Casey, a little boy doll that he picked out on the day Christian was born. He sleeps with his doll every night, dresses it, gives it it's binky and cluddles it. He even tried breast feeding it a few times...very cute. I think it's completely age appropriate for a five/six year old.

My middle son Leavitt, who is 2, tells everyone he has a baby in his tummy too. His baby is expected to arrive just before Christmas, my due date, and has named her Cookie. I am thinking of getting him a doll and giving it to him at the hospital when our forth son is born so that he has "his" baby as well as "ours" to welcome.

Noel, I grew up listening to Free to Be You and Me and that includes the story/song of William's doll. I've always loved it.

Sara, Elias loves playing with kitchen stes and pushing shopping carts but he also love to "wrestle" and "tackle" so like Toby I can see him drawn to both sides...oh, and I did buy the green blanket just not a new car seat yet, (you know, the bigger purchases b/c the blanket can always be a gift) which we'll need since Elias's old one will expire "soon". But as each day passes uneventfully I feel more ready to shop for Olive.

Thanks Fleming for the reminder that him wanting to be at school instead of in a cramped hospital bed really is a good thing.

Kelly, thanks for letting me know your son resisted the sweat test too. And yes the tall girl rocks!

Jaki, we now talk about our pretend Olive and our real Olive, its pretty funny.

Meg I love that Casey tried breastfeeding his little doll, thanks for sharing.

Mary Elizabeth, part of my choice to get Elias the doll was to practice "taking care of a baby" but the bigger reason was so when the real Olive comes home he can have his own little Olive to hold when I'm busy with the baby. I love that Leavitt has named his baby in his tummy Cookie:)

Wow, that is such a nice story. My Husband and I have been discussing what we want to buy Santino for Christmas, and I know we are going to get him a doll. He picked one up in a store the other day and held it just like a baby and gave it a hug and kiss. It was a very nice moment. Makes us want to have another one~!

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