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Oh my goodness! He looks so much bigger just since the last time I saw him. That was only a month or so ago, right? Xander is growing like crazy, too. Weirdly enough, I've noticed it the most in his fingers... I hope both of your kiddos keep up the good growing. Take care and hopefully we'll see each other soon.

Yikes! That moose is HUGE! I have to say I have never driven anywhere and had to avoid a moose! Elias is adorable as always!

Great shot of the moose, poor thing is incredibly homely!
That shirt and Elias' eyes are a great match, he sure is growing! Go Olive Go...a couple more wks!

Deja vu - waking up to large moose hovering over the tent on the 100 mile wilderness! : ) Except that time you scared the moose away. Elias is so adorable there are no words to express it! Love you!

Yikes on the moose (but cool shot, still), and Wow -- Elias is looking so grown up these days! I love the pictures of him laughing -- even through the internet his smile is contagious!

That moose is ENORMOUS!!! Wow - what a cool thing to see, but I sure wouldn't want to get in his way!

Elias is looking more grown up - sigh. Why do they change so fast?

beautiful picture Christy!!!!!
what does a moose symbolize?
Elias looks incredibly grown up, handsome, sweet and lively, a mirror image of his folks!
happy halloween!

I love everyone's comments but one thing is missing- what was Elias for Halloween?????
Keeping everything crossed,

this is gonna kill you, but if you look at that photo of Elias (the first one) quickly, you can see the face of a teenager in the face of that little boy!!! Put a skateboard next to him, and he is one cool looking teen! Probably feels impossible to imagine, but just for a moment I thought I had the wrong page! Stay healthy, hug your baby boy and hang in there! Sending your family good vibes.

I can see the teenage Elias in these pictures too. I am stunned often at how big he is these days, all boy and no baby.

As to the moose, Anne I'll never forget waking up to you punching me in the arm b/c that moose was looking into our tent and me climbing out a roaring like a bear, I was foolishly brave in those days:)

And moose symbolize, among other things: maternal powers, life and death, values and integrity, and trusting your inner voice...all good things to ponder:)

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