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You are just full of good news, and I am so very pleased for you guys. Now go for the trifecta, with Olive and the new digs, will you? You seem to be on a roll...I am rooting for you guys from here in Alberta!

So feeling the sun on your face! Congrats to you, E, N & O!! Such fabulous news. Now, float off into the sunset with your big belly.
hugs, Alison

YAY! That is great news!!! I'm so glad you were able to find out so quickly, too. On a related note, something will be arriving at your house in the next few days that might help you with the whole sleeping thing. :o) Yep! Now it's your turn to wait patiently for a good surprise...

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!

what a tremendous relief! I have a HUGE smile on my face for you guys. XoX

AWESOME!! I'm so happy for Elias ( and his Mom and Dad!)

So glad that you now have one less thing to worry over. Take care of yourself and Olive.

That is such a relief! Now you can relax hopefully for a short time? Keep resting - keep your stress low and keep smiling!

Hooray!! Thank goodness!!!

Phew! Lovely! Keep the good news coming.

That's fantastic news!!! xo

oh yay!

Wonderful news!!!

YAY!!!! That's wonderful news!!! Wishing this week continues with good news for you guys!

Congratulations! Enjoy the good news about Elias' health and your body's ability to carry your new love.

Great news, Christy! Congratulations! Enjoy your little bits of freedom, as well as the excuse to continue to rest. (I finally decided to figure out how to post my comments here, instead of going over to FB to comment!)

I love reading all of the comments and how many different ways everyone spells "Yea" but the feelings are still the same- absolutely fantastic! You certainly were due some good news and I had a nice chat with your mom tonight- she is so excited about the news.
Can't wait to hear results from your test on Friday.
Lots of love,

Awesome news!


yay hooray! so glad to hear the news and the collective sigh of relief! And looking at notes above made me start thinking of ways to make words out of all of your names... C, N, E, O. I got CENO, ONCE, ONEC, ENCO, NOCE, what else? Just think how it expands if you add in Tonz...

Praise God!!!

I can feel your collective *sighs* all the way in CA... the powers that be work in mysterious and glorious ways. We are so relieved for you all! MUCH love! xoxo

yeah yeah yeah! plus another day with Olive inside is wonderful :-). Celebration time!

Wahooooooooo!!!!!!! wahoo!!!!!!! Congrats!!!


Wonderful! Be careful about Where the Wild Things Are. A friend took her five year old and he said, Mom this is too scary and they left. Valerie

I just knew it would be!!!! Great news ;-). And I'd love to be on a beach right now too....lovely image for me to take off to bed with me tonight ;-).

Such good news!!!!!!



Wonderful, wonderful news!!! So happy to hear that!

Yes! Thank goodness!!! I am breathing a huge sigh of relief for you! (Now go back to bed!)

Yes! Big hugs and kisses for the Universe!

I'm all smiles today...Thanks all!!!!!

Ginna, I like ONCE:)

And Valerie, it would be Nick and I going to the movies while Elias was in Palmer with the grandparents:)


That is great news. Now crossing fingers that you reach 34 weeks and beyond.


Wahooo!!! Great news...keep floating Christy.

Hope the inspection went great today!

What great news and at least one weight lifted off your shoulders while the weight on you tummy gets heavier! Yay for all!

That's wonderful news, Christy, for you, Nick, and Elias. Now yes, go to sleep while you can. You deserve it!

That is great news!!! I'm so happy for you all!

WHOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! That was one of the best feelings ever for Al and I when our Elias' CF test was negative. Congrats on keeping the list the same length and having great results to celebrate. Give that cute boy a huge hug :)

Hooray!!! :)


That is amazing news!!

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