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Yikes. Glad Olive is still in there and that you are lying down. I am sure it is hard to take it easy, but you know it is worth it. When I was PG with my son I had contrax around 22weeks that took 2 doses of trubutline to stop. Luckily my cervix remained closed and I was able to get up and go again very soon after.

Thanks for sharing Jessica. Olive is in there moving around right now. What kills me is here I am lying down and I've been wide awake since 4:00. I wish I could at least sleep.

Oh Christy - how scary and frustrating that must be. Take care, and I wish you luck with Elias...I'm sure he's not a happy boy with his mama in bed.

praying and wishing you all of the best. rest well.

Stay still for peets sake and all of this will be a distant memory before you know it! You'll be running after Elias AND Olive by this time next year! wow.

Sending soothing, healing, closed-cervix-not-leaking-fluid thoughts! It's so difficult but you are SO close...and so much farther than you ever thought you'd be!

Oh the curse of bedrest, always laying down and never able to sleep! Why 34 weeks?

QUIT BEING SO STUBBORN, and go to bed now. Do not try to differentiate between BED REST, and Bed Rest. Just crawl your pregnant ass under the covers, make a tent, and hide from the world.

Lots of Love - Me

Oh Colby, you do make me smile, nothing like a woman who says what she means, directly, as you always have:) And you'll be happy to know (you too Flem) I'm lying down. IN Bed. And have been either here or on the couch for most of the day besides my frequent bathroom trips, few fridge raids, diaper changes (not mine),and a little time visiting with friends who picked up Elias for a few hours to bring him to the dog park. "Can Tonsina come too?" he asked, as if its a boy park not a dog park and since it is acres of woods, trails, bogs, and a lake, he has a point, I'm not sure who was more excited for the outing him or the dog. And now Nick is delivering him to another friends' house for a playdate so Nick can keep working on the house before our Wednesday inspection. As for me I feel really blessed with my community, all of you, those who are in reach to lend a hand, my friends and family scattered all over the globe, and those who only know me from words and pictures but hold our family in your thoughts. Thanks all. And Mary Elizabeth, 34 weeks is my next goal b/c it had been 32 which is Monday and I'm optimistic I'll make it there and at 34 weeks I stop getting the P17 shot, no longer need to see the Perinatologist, and I believe, Olive wouldn't need steroids if born at that time. If we make it to 34 I'll aim for 36...but today I'll focus on Saturday, on staying in bed and maybe even taking a blessed nap.

Bed. Rest. Please. 32 is farther than you thought you'd get, but Miss Olive still isn't cooked. Thinking good thoughts for more days that turn into weeks.

::: Chanting 34 weeks, 34 weeks :::

Oh that would be nice, no more shots and no more peri, i'll keep my fingers crossed for 34 weeks with the need for another modification!

I hope that you get good news on Friday!! A good time to be in bed with a laptop and scour new places to live perhaps?

Wouldn't it be an funny turn of events if, after all of this, Olive decided to stay 41 weeks! You would have quite a stubborn young lady on your hands. Your 34 week goal is great -- but I'll keep my fingers crossed for 36.

Olive just wants to make sure she gets her own excitement in with all the other excitement going on!

Best wishes for at least 34 weeks, but as someone who had a baby at 34 weeks almost 4 weeks ago, I am really hoping you make it to at least 36, preferably 37.

I'm glad to hear you're ok. A friend of mine just had ROM at 32 weeks and delivered her baby boy at 33 weeks 3 days. He is a-ok though, you've come so much further this time and Olive will do great whatever happens (great name, btw). 34 weeks is a good goal, but I bet you'll make it even further. :)

hoping all is well and little Olive stays put for a while! My oldest was born at 35 weeks - a little small, otherwise just fine :) (But I'm sure you've researched to death all of the possibilities!)

So glad that you and Olive are resting, Christy. I am so excited for you, and I just cannot wait to see this beautiful little girl (well, ok, I can wait a whole bunch of weeks...the tears of joy are already welling up). Love you so much, thinking of you all of the time, and sending bundles of good vibes your way. New home, new baby - new story to tell! : ) xoxo, Anno

Thank you for letting us know what's going on! I was so worried about you and Olive!!! Thank goodness your cervix is still closed. I think you're going to make it all the way Christy! You will be so happy holding that hefty 7 lb baby when she comes out LOL

You and Olive (and the boys of course!) are in my thoughts and prayers! And I am crossing all my fingers and toes for good measure.

Tell Olive to hang in there and enjoy her cozy home just a bit longer...

I started silently chanting "stay Olive. stay." when I read this email.. and I'll keep sending you both staying put thoughts and wishes. She's going to be your full term baby =).

Thinking about you guys today, and hoping that all remains well, even if it means laying down for the next few weeks. Cheers from Canada! :-)

I know it is totally different not having someone sending you a check for your writings- and I wish I could, for I reach out to you every day- it is so hard for me to not see something every day- I love your writings and I can't wait for the next blog- It is the first time that I can understand friends and their addictions to TV programs for I do not watch TV. I would much rather be reading a good book.
Lots of love to you all

5 out of the 6 women I know who were pregnant along with me but due earlier have gone late, I like the trend, even if I just go late for me and carry to 37 weeks--imagine that:) I do know 34 is still premature, its just so far beyond Elias that I often forget it can still involve complications, 37 would be a dream...41 hysterical!!!!

Noel, I thought on bedrest I'd be writing nonstop, working on my book, writing away, instead I'm stalking the new housing listings, surfing the web, watching football, stalking the new housing listings---what you mean there isn't a new house ten minutes after I checked???? Thank you though, with your wonderfully kind words, for reminding me why I want to write. Ok I'm off to do just that....

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