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Wow, that is very exciting!!!! Congratulations! Keep taking lots of deep breaths, and easy on those contractions, my friend ... I'd love to see you, but would rather see you at home a few weeks more!!! Thinking of you all...

Christy! So much going on - try to remember to just let it all happen. People will pull together and help, and "whatever will be already is," so just let things roll and take care of yourself and that little baby. Nice and slow. It will all work out - I truly believe this. Look at all that has happened already. Love you! xoxo, Anno

Oh my gosh! Wow! That's a lot to deal with along with a pregnancy....best of luck to you!

Ah, you've weathered far greater challenges and "lived to tell the tale" so to speak. Find the house that you need and let those who love you help you find the way to make it all work. It seems fitting— a new home for a new chapter in your family's life. Can't wait to read more.

How exciting and how stressful all at the same time.

Keep taking care of yourself and little Olive.

WOW. That's a lot albeit a lotta good. And you made it nearly 32 weeks before bedrest - holy cow! You're awesome and doing awesomely.

and you have clean house to stare at while reclined :)

hang in there -

(oh, I started blogging again, so you have one more thing to read when you can ha ha ha HA)

I wish I lived closer so that I could pack your house for you ;) Congratulations on the sale and good luck with the search for a new home for your beautiful, growing family

That is so AWESOME! We just finished going through that special layer of Hell called selling/looking/buying/moving in July. And I just got laid off from work yesterday. It's all going to come together for us and for you. And you will be so happy with more space for your growing family!

You are going through SO MUCH right now. Just remember that your health and Olives health come first. Congrats on the home, it's a crazy market out there

Good move (no pun intended). It is a royal pain in the arse to show your house over a period of time (tidy up the kids' mess day after day, make everything look picture perfect, show quality). So taking advantage of this offer is huge. And if they are willing to rent back, that gives you some time to find what you really want and for the right price. It will fall into place with a little work, but rest, rest, rest, and let others do the work! You have a much larger task at hand!

AWESOME NEWS, Christy!! (And I was guessing that this might be your news. =)) That's so exciting for you and Nick, and coming off the horrendous stress, exhaustion, and dismal realities of selling a house in this market 6 months ago, I think you're making the right decision. Things might be challenging and stressful while you're going through the interim, especially with Olive's arrival hovering over all of this, but from my experience, it's far better than the alternative.

Congratulations!!! (And Olive, you stay put, young lady! ;o)) Thanks for finally sharing the news with us.

great news! keep the faith.

So wonderful! Congrats, this is truly the way to do it! YEA!!! Will she rent it back for 6 mos?

Awesome news :) :P

Aren't you lucky that you won't be "allowed" to pack heavy boxes and move furniture!!

East Side, East Side, East Side, East Side! We want you over on the East side. Let me know if you want help house hunting or packing or hanging with Elias while you rest with Olive. Talk to you soon. Liz

How cool! I wish someone wanted OUR house so bad that would could pack up and move back to New England!
I will keep my fingers crossed that you find the PERFECT house for your family :)
If I lived closer I would help you pack and move or maybe I would just take Elias to the park with my kiddos so you guys could pack (not that I am a scary stalker or anything. I sometime forget that even though I feel like I know you, I really don't and you don't know anything about me)

When you have a minute (or 30!) let me tell you about OUR moving adventure...

It sounds like it's meant to be. It's hard to argue when it comes together so easily! Congrats!

Its so nice having you all out there and I would invite you all over for a big ole moving party if we didn't live all over the map.

We signed the paperwork yesterday and requested rent-back until we close on our new home, not sure if the buyer will accept such open-ended terms but we thought we'd try.

I'd love to hear other folks moving adventures. The thought of not having to have our home show-ready for weeks or months on end is very appealing to this not-so-domestically-inclined lady.

The inspection is this Wednesday and as i'm still lying down till at least Friday when i see my OB again that should be interesting...

Exciting times! The move sounds like a big step, but there's never a 'good' time to move, is there??

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