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congrats! a pregnant belly looks good on you :)

Yay! Congrats! I can't see the pictures here at school ,b ut I will look when I get home. So glad you are still upright. I think you are looking at a 40 week pregnancy!

These are such happy times! Hooray for baby Olive, snug like a little bug in a rug.

Yea Congrats.... Go buy something special :)


Happy 33 Weeks and Counting!

Look at you!

Yes, you are that big bellied woman walking down the street.. the very one you never thought possible! I can't thank you enough for sharing your story so personally and honestly. You're an inspiration of hope that even our wildest dreams can come true.

As Billy Crystal used to say on SNL, "You look Marvelous! You really, really do!"

Yay for all the "uprights" at the Jordan household!

Yay! You look beautiful!!

And your hair looks beautiful! Another pregnancy bonus. Go uprights!!

Yippee for being vertical!!!

40 weeks here you come! you look beautiful and don't be ashamed to rub your belly and enjoy it. It really is such an amazing thing!

Congrats on another milestone marked off the checklist. You look amazingly happy and healthy. Little Miss Olive is growing and comfortable and hopefully will stay that way for another 4 weeks at least.

Sport that perfect 33 week preggo belly Upright Girl. It must feel wonderful.


You are so awesome I have no words :)

Bliss~ So very happy for you guys Christy, and I agree with the previous commenter about your hair, gorgeous.

You look amazing, Christy. I'm so glad that you are getting to experience things you never thought you would.

Yay!!! Fab news ;-). I've now got 'Upright girl' stuck in my head to the rhythm of Billy Joel's Uptown girl ;-).

I am so thrilled for you that you are 32+ weeks. BRILLIANT news ;-).

SO awesome! I haven't posted before, but have followed you and your cute little guy for awhile and was so happy to hear about your pregnancy.

Just FYI, I was born at 32 weeks (37 years ago too I might add) - Ms. Olive, you have me beat by a week already, but staying in your Mommy's tummy a little while longer is a good plan too!

Congratulations on staying upright!

Congratulations on making it to 33weeks, you look beautiful with your belly. You know that now that your at 33 weeks from a NICU perspective, we don't even take a second thought when L&D calls and says your getting a 33 or 34 weeker, it's more of a they'll be there for a couple of weeks kind of deal but still I don't want you to deliver now I'd like you to enjoy every last second of the 5 to 9 weeks of pregnancy you have left, I'm just saying....

Yay!!! That is awesome! You look amazing too.


Sorry to use this old cliche, but...
you're glowing. Really -- you are glowing.


beautiful woman, beautiful news...tears of joy in CA


Came back because 1. I am using this like a facebook comment thread and hope thats not getting excessive, but 2. I hope you get to experience that huge swollen full feeling of just PRAYING the baby will be born today because you are 40+ weeks and just really are ready to meet Olive, and she'll be ready too!

That is so incredibly awesome!!!! Happy Saturday!!

Oh Yeah! So happy with this latest news and loved the pictures. Still keeping every finger and toe crossed for Olive to go full term.
Wow- what a wonderful thing to celebrate this weekend.

You look fantastic! I love your long hair and your cute baby belly -- can't wait to see you at 39 weeks!

I'm humbled and honored by all your comments. Thank you:)

Hooray!! Congratulations for making it to 33 weeks! (And I'm loving the long, wavy hair on you too...very Earth Mama of you. ;o)) It goes without saying that the noticeable-and-still-growing baby belly is the best part!

Yay for the upright girl!!!!

So glad to hear it!! :) I was thinking of you and Olive on Friday.

BEAUTIFUL!!! You make a magnificent pregnant lady! : )

Hi Christy, you look beautiful with your big belly. I can't wait to see you on December and meet little Olive.

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