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She and Elias are so lucky to have you and Nick as parents. Have a great Thanksgiving. I'll check in with you after the holiday to see how I can help out.

That's the most perfect plan possible.

And that's twice today that I have welled up thinking about you and Olive on the way - I am just so darned overwhelmed with lots of stuff for you all!

(The first time was just one of those random moments when you came to mind while I was driving somewhere.)

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you - we're having a seafood one as the oven died a sudden death last week. Dang, it's lobster rather than turkey for dinner ;)

Sounds perfect!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!! Give Olive some extra Turkey!!

Wishing you all a very wonderful Thanksgiving.

Looks great! Many good wishes and Happy Thanksgiving from MN!

That is an excellent birth plan - as you well know, plans can go awry, and the health of that baby comes first, with you a VERY close second! all of us out here in cyberspace can't wait for Olive to arrive...Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Sounds like a great birth plan! Can't wait to hear about her safe arrival. Given all that's passed, I think it would be more than fitting for her to be a Thanksgiving baby ;-).

Right here with the tears welling up, too. I'm so excited for her and for you all as this moment draws near. I hope that the team reads the plan and reads it well -- and then doesn't need to know any of it because everything is so uncomplicated. I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

mmmmm lobsta!!! It costs a small fortune here in AK and makes me miss New England. I bet it was just as yummy and fun to eat as turkey.

Thanks all for supporting the "plan". No baby yet and I'm beyond curious about how she will actually arrive but willing to wait a little longer.

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