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congrats!!! 37 weeks...full term! just curious if your previous c section means a section for this baby or if a natural birth is possible?

Elias is already a good big brother to little Olive. He will teach her many, many amazing things. She will be one lucky little girl.


Beautiful post. Elias will love being a big brother :) And 37 weeks!! Congratulations!

Nerissa, natural birth is possible b/c she's in the other uteri, though my risk of a c-section is still higher...I'm hoping for a natural one if she's up for it.

And I do think Elias will be an amazing big brother--on his own terms.

thanks all!

Oh, Christy, I love that "My Little Sage" post! Thinking about you! Give a call any time you need me, I'll be right over.

VERY sweet!

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