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Simply perfect! Now, go eat something that's NOT candy! Olive will thank you one day.

I ate half a bagel with cream cheese and the part I'm especially proud of, a piece of cantelope. Real fruit!

organic raspberries will kill the sugar craving ;-]

I love raspberries and wish we had harvested more this summer. Now in AK they cost like seven bucks a pint:(

Because you sound a little like me.....I say it is definitely time for the king size bed!!! I kept fighting the urge to upgrade since I "knew" I was going to have Jeremy sleeping in his own bed soon since that it the "right" thing to do....kids "should" sleep in their own bed...right!? I finally stopped "hearing" what all those other people out there say is the "right" thing when it comes to sleep and your children and decided to listen to my own heart and what felt right with my family....we got a king bed and Jeremy (5 1/2) has a new bunk bed in his room that has never been slept in! But...ohhh..how I cherish every minute of cuddle time with my sweet boy! I will miss that the most when he decides it is time to sleep on his own....whenever that might be!

Thanks Jaki! Elias starts off in his bed every night but comes into our room every night. Nick and I talk about how he "should" sleep in his bed through the night but this whole other side of me thinks why? I'd rather sleep next to a warm body than alone, so why shouldn't he? Most of the rest of the world shares a bed with their children and I know, well I think, he wont still want to sleep with his parents when he's a teenager. I do worry about adding Olive to the mix, even with a king size bed, since Elias prefers to cuddle up to me than to Nick and soon he'll have competition, and I'm not sure if he'll fully understand why her needs will, at first, trump his.

Christy, my mom gave me this bit of advice (I have found it particularly helpful) when my second son was born, when both kids need you and the baby is crying, help your older child first. He will remember and is stressed out by the addition of the baby in a way the newest one isn't, and won't be able to remember and a little crying never hurt anyone, except mom of course.

PS, I swear this new baby of ours theme song is "I want Candy". I'll be good soon, after delivery!

Fabulous advice! THANK YOU Mary Elizabeth for sharing this with me, I'll remember it for sure. And it makes a lot of sense but I wouldn't have thought of it amidst the chaos of adapting to a new baby.

And yes, I promise to eat better when I'm no longer pregnant and deprived of so much else:)

Eat all the candy you want! Remember your "no" diet that was your prayer/promise for pregnancy? No beer, no wine, no coffee, no chocolate, for how long, a year? Savor the decadence of the tootsie rolls pretty soon your hands will be too full to open the wrapper! In a good way.

Reading this post made me think of a poem I just found.

"One day the sun admitted, I am just a shadow. I wish I could show you the Infinite incandescence that has cast my brilliant image. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the Astonishing Light of your own Being!" Hafiz.

It is the last part that is my favorite and made me think of the light of your 35 weeks.

A king size bed was a life saver once we had 2 kids in the bed with us! So excited for you, I have been a silent reader for a long time. Cheering you on from Atlanta!!!

So many miracles! Cheering for you here, Christy - and glad you have these fabulous practically full-term worries to explore! (I hope you know what I mean by that)

Love it. It is fun to read what is on your preggo brain :)
We have two and only a queen size. My son comes in every morning around 5a.m. My daughter usually stays in her bed all (never has been one to sleep with us), but when she does come we all fit nicely (the dog too).
Isn't great how kids body spoon perfectly with our no matter how big or little they are. Both of my kids fit perfectly even though they are different years apart.
Yay again fro 35w and no bad rest!

Mary Elizabeth, what wisdom!

Christy, I love that you are finishing your pregnancy books! I read another blog post recently that instantly brought you to my mind. The pregnant author wrote, "I’m waiting for my body to fail." It made me think of your posts months ago. You were in that place, but have gradually come to believe in your body's ability to grow a full-term baby. What a transformation this pregnancy has been for you... and I don't just mean the beautiful baby bump!

king sized bed is absolutely a necessity for a family bed:) My developmentally delayed daughter will be 13 next month and she still likes our bed best (yes we have a king size).

Some stores sell Montana-sized beds. Those put King-size beds to shame. Our 2 boys climb into our bed every night and we all have just enough room. If our oldest child (our dd) decides to join in--its a Montana for sure.

Congrats on making it to 35+ weeks!

I love love LOVE hearing these stories from you. It gives me a chance to glimpse the pregnancy from your eyes... amazing! When I was pregnant I literally stood by the trashcan next to our front door pressing the autostart key on my keychain for like 2 min, blankly staring and then Tony came outside and was like... Umm... what are you doing? LOL. I also used to forget my belly was so big and felt like I hit it against everything where I thought I could fit, but couldn't.

Congratulations Christy! Loved hearing all the random snippets of thought. Sounds like pretty soon your mantra to Olive will be switching from "stay in, stay in, stay in!" to "come out, come out, come out!" ;) Enjoy these last weeks of having her inside you though, dancing away!

I second the King sized bed. I'm too tired to take my kids back to their bed, but it is squished and I dream of a king! As far as the candy diet...I was so sick when I was pregnant with Isabel that for 16 weeks all I could eat was doritos and diet coke (gross!) She's no worse off...despite being a bit of a picky eater! Congrats on making it this far. You look great! xoxo

ahhhh... this all sounds so delightfully "normal."

And you are a fool to go one more day without a king sized bid. just saying...

I remember being pretty scatterbrained and spacey after delivery too, especially when trying to talk and remembering what you wanted to say. I think partly from being sleep deprived and partly from the hormone storm going on inside of you. Enjoy all this normalcy!

I love ALL your comments, I've read them all more than once, and am too full, in a good way to respond to them individually, but please know i savor every word!

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