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Kvelling in Delaware for you! :-)

Happy Tears for you and the star gym student!

how exciting!!! past the really preemie worries for Olive and now the new adventures can begin:)

Gym was always one of my favorite classes! Such good news all around -- I'm smiling for all of you. xo

Wow, do you have so much on your plate but I think you thrive on that. So excited about all of your changes- I think you will get past Thanksgiving- Olive is in tune with this- but not much more then that. Wow- you have made it so far but you have got to put the brakes on about moving- deep breath- relax- please. You guys are totally on overload. I am just so thrilled that you 3 have made it so far. Change of topic. I am so thrilled that my Nick and his wife are planning to move to Seattle. Sad for me that they will no longer be on my time zone and you know how hard that is. But my Nick is totally following in your father's footsteps.
Long story but we will get there soon.
I am just so tired from my day of taking care of a wonderful autistic child but he is so sweet.
love you always

These updates are making me SO HAPPY. Hooray for all the good times...Yay for Elias in gym class, too sweet! Yay for Week 37!

Sweetheart, you give me great hope!

Can't wait for your post with the Big News!

Hooray for Olive and Elias! Hugs to all of you!

So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season!

Congrats. Isn't the new house thing crazy. We are closing on one in December and my head, although we can't move until April, I need to finish my student teaching and all I want to do is go and visit the new house. Have you driven by your new house yet?

And how exciting for Olive to be dropping and for you to be off of restricted activity for the holiday.

WOOT! Happy dance around the cardboard boxes!

How great is all that??!

So excited and happy for your family! Elias is going to be a great big brother.

Awesome, fantastic news! And your belly button pictures are so cute!

Congrats all around!!!

Thank you all for your love and support!!!!!

Virginia, yes, I drive by the house every time I'm in that part of town and am not in a rush. Cant wait till I can drive there and go inside and start really making it our home.

Noel, would love to hear more about Nick's move to Seattle. Andrew will be a great contact for them!

It's Monday and you're term!!! Can you believe it? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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