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How thrilling!

Fingers and toes crossed for all to work out "as you wish," Buttercup. ;-)

I think you can do it, too! You have a history of taking on way more than is possible - and doing it - and surviving the process. Go for it! It sounds like the house has the potential to be just what you want, and living in a half-finished house while you work on it is an Alaskan tradition.

We'll cheer you on.

Of course you can do it!! Good fortune is knocking on your door and it's so deserved- it's about time the pendulum swung the other way!
congrats! I'm so happy for you, N, E, O and your new home!

Hi Christy,
I have been reading your posts for well over a year now, and I don't ever really comment, but I had to say how happy I am for you. It is so wonderful that you have reached your pregnancy milestone and that you get to have a more typical experience this time around. I am really filled with happiness for you and your family. You seem like a great person who really deserves all the best.

We'll help!

GOOD LUCK! I am glad you found a home that you like. It's hard to find something perfect sometimes, so that's great.

Linda,so true that its an Alaskan tradition to live in a work-in-progress home. My relative in Seward is still working on finishing his even though he's been in it for years now:)

Sarah, thank you so much for your sweet words:)

You're on my list Stacey!

Huge thumbs up!!

Exciting times!! New house sounds great!!!

We just bought our first house and settlement is to be 10 days before my 3rd baby is due. I am sure there will be some crazy busy times ahead, but I figure that if I am going to 'complete' my family, I'll do it in style with new home, new baby, the works all at once ;-).

Two bathrooms!! That's the best news ever. xo

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