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I am loving your updates lately, but they are driving me nuts, too! Every time I see you have an update, my heart leaps! You and Olive are TEASING us! :)

I LOVE IT! I am so excited for you and your fam!

great big smiles in CA...we can hardly wait to read your on your way to the hospital...and what good advise your receiving from Elias's classmates!

Morgan, they ARE teasin' us! Watch this baby be a week overdue. Dang, we can't hardly stand it! It IS the most wonderful and delicious kind of waitin' though. :)

That is excellent advice! Good luck! I hope Olive makes a safe and happy entrance!

Excellent advice! Too cute! What's that little girl up to? She must know it's cold outside and have decided to wait!

Happy due date Olive and Christy! Breathe and be tough, best advice ever.

That is good advice! Can't wait until she gets here!

Some of the best advice I get these days comes from people 5 and under. xo

I can't stand it another minute! I feel more impatient waiting for Olive to arrive than I did with my own 3! Hurry up Olive so that you will be home for christmas!

Breath and be tough- perfect advice- Elias's class mates sound absolutly precious. You need to go do some jumping jacks and try jogging lol We want to see and hear your next post being - Olive is here.

So how late do you think you will go? Shoudl we take bets on which day and wat time little olive will make her appearance? How about December 21st- my birthday

is it wrong that I check your updates several times a day????? Can't wait! (and I bet neither can you!)

I, too, keep checking in to see if the little lady has arrived yet...
happily waiting and still smiling every time I think of your huge belly =)

My vote...December 16 HAS to be the day....I can't wait anymore!

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