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so very happy and so very excited for all of you! Welcome to the world Miss Olive! You are so lucky and blessed to have the best big brother ever!
Dear Christy, rest up. I can't wait to hear your story when you are able. For now enjoy your family of four. Olive is beautiful!

She is adorable. Can't wait to meet her.

Oh, she is gorgeous! Joy winging your way from VA!

I'm so happy for your family to grow, you've waited so patiently and tried so diligently for this day. Good For You!

Delighting in the beauty that is your new daughter. Sending prayers for Christy's quick and full recovery.

Adorable and fantastic! Thanks for the picture and Godspeed on your recovery, Christy.

She is beautiful! Congrats! Christy, I hope you feel better soon.

She's perfect! I can't wait to see pictures of Olive and Elias together. He's going to be such a great big brother. Tell Christy to get some rest and enjoy basking in the glory of motherhood for the second time. Sending prayers up to Alaska for a quick recovery.

Olive is amazing :) Wishing Christy a fast recovery - I'm so happy you have all of those grandparents around to help out!

She is just fabulous. Thank you for keeping "following Elias" followers in the loop because I did keep checking for a picture....you read our minds. Love and healing thoughts are coming your way.

She is perfect! Congrats to all of you, enjoy the bliss :)


Beautiful girl! Christy, rest and recover. You've done good! :-)

Oh, she is so beautiful!! Christy, I'm wishing you a quick recovery. I'm thinking of you and your beautiful family of 4. Take care and enjoy!

She is beautiful!! I'm so happy for you and Nick. I was worried though- as you could probably tell from my many messages. Glad to hear you are all resting now. Thinking of you often!!
much love

I am so very happy for you and your family, Christy! I've been following your story for awhile now and could not think of a better ending to your story (or a beginning!). My prayers go out to everyone, especially big brother Elias! Happiness to you from Michigan.

This news makes this the best day!!! Godspeed.

Sending healing thoughts for Christy. Gosh you two make some really beautiful children! Happy solstice I'm sure you will be welcoming back the light.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is beautiful! Can't wait to hear the whole story.

What a beauty! Hoping for a speedy recovery for Christy!

Christy, I sure hope you are doing ok and starting to feel better! Olive is perfect, good job mamma! And congrats to Nick and Elias and the whole grandparent clan!!

Mazel tov! What a sweet little girl! Christy, hope you are feeling better and that all of your family enjoys Christmas with your newest addition.

Praying for Christy and her continued recovery. So glad Olive is here!

Bee-OOOUUUtiful little girl!

Congratulations and prayers for a speedy total recovery! How is Olive?

Feeling joy but also a little worry too. Wish I could be closer to the details of Olive's birth story. Thinking of your whole family and hope both Christy and Olive are feeling strong and good.

What a beautiful baby!! Congratulations to all of you! A true bundle of Joy.

Olive is a beautiful baby! Thanks for the picture. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Christy from PA!

Dear Miss Olive, Love seeing your debut picture here! You are adorable! Have fun tomorrow...everyone is awaiting.... OXOX from Boxford, MA

Christy--rest up and recover! And I hope all of you are enjoying getting to know each other.

And at this season, I also keep thinking, "she's going to love reading the Olive the Other Reindeer books! when she's a bit bigger, of course.

What a beauty! Hope you recover quickly Christy-looking forward to hearing your birth story and seeing more pics.

Congratulations to you all!

Oh, what a beautiful baby! Elias is a lucky big brother, and she is equally lucky to have him and both of you. Christy -- I hope you are healing and resting and will soon be up and feeling like yourself again Great job, Nick and Christy!

I have been checking daily for pictures of the new beautiful little lady and she looks like a princess! I am sorry Christy is not feeling well and wish her a speedy recovery. Also, am eagerly anticipating Elias and Olive together! You are the most incredible family and your support system is to be admired! Merry Christmas and I will keep checking the blog to see when you are ready for visitors. Love to all!

Congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a beauty!

Congratulations Christy and Nick! She is beautiful!!!! I hope that you heal well and quickly Christy. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Welcome, baby Olive. Thinking of you, Christy, as you recuperate. Merry Christmas to you and your entire family, I look forward to hearing the full story when you are able to tell it.

Hooray! What a love! I am really appreciating the juxtaposition of Baby Olive with very pregnant Christy-belly at the top of the "recent photos" capture on the right side of the screen. Very before & after. Looking forward to meeting this beauty soon! Maybe in the summer? Love to all-

Congratulations, Christy, Nick and Elias. Olive is so beautiful!

Congratulations! She is divine!!! All the best to Christy for a speedy recovery.


She is beautiful!!!! Hope Christy get well soon!

WOW she's just precious!! I am so happy for you all (and Elias is quite the big brother!)! Here's sending thoughts of health and joy your way!! :)

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