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You uterine superstar, you!

what a cool thing to be able to say! Congrats :)

I knew you would get there :)
Congrats!!! Is it sad taht I am checking like 3 times a day for updates???? You will have to have some one update when you are going or I may go crazy :P

Happy almost due-date day!!! =) (Now each child will have their own meaning for that term!)

I think many of us are like Jessica: we don't see you post anywhere for a while, so we start wondering and anticipating the news!

I'm SO excited and happy for you guys! Now to get ready for your next miracle baby! =)

Whew that's a big ol' belly!!!

(And I have to admit that I too am checking multiple times a day to see if you are finally going to pop that girl out)

Olive is just making sure you get to experience EVERY MINUTE of the pregnancy. (And yep, I'm checking often for the updates)

It just makes me giggle a little when I realize your due date is tomorrow and you're still carrying little Olive in your womb, all cozy and safe. I'm so excited for you to get to meet your full term baby soon!

Alright! Could this pregnancy go on any longer!!?!?? Really now...Olive...time to show that precious face to the world!


I'm in too...checking may times a day! Can't wait to hear all about her!

Big smiles here!

Yes!! 40 weeks minus 1 day, that is so awesome!!

Just like everyone else, I am checking at least 3 times a day- maybe get your mom to blog if you are in delivery for we all are on pins and needles with you. So excited for you all!!!
Lots of love,

NO baby yet? LOL- Great job we are so happy for you! I keep checking back to see if you have gone into labor yet. You definetly need to get someone to blog whe your in labor and immediately after little olive enters this world. So many people have been praying for your entire family. My pastor and church members send you there prayers and congrats for making it so far. Maybe you could do a twitter update or something from your phone like so many people do now as they are in labor. lol

This is so exciting -- you are fabulous and I am so happy for you!

Really wonderful news! xo

Thank you for the cheers and love and prayers, i do believe that without your support I wouldn't have carried so far!!!!

I don't have an internet phone but I just showed my Mom how to get on here to post an update when we head to the hospital-- b/c I know we aren't the only ones who are waiting expectantly.

whahoooo! My hopeful maybe-baby go-late wishes for you were pretty on target - mostly that was a fervent wish for you to go full term - and while I would have been thrilled with 36-37 weeks the poetic justice of you making it to FORTY weeks is just fantastic. I officially release my 'go late' wishes for you - Olive can come anytime now :)

YAY!!! Congratulations! Now come on Olive...come meet the world!

We are excited waiting for the news and so happy we will see you all in a week!
Aunt Silvana

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