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moving heavy furniture is also against doctors' orders. That oughta do it!

Who'd ever have thunk that you'd be bouncing her out? Or bouncing pregnant at all?! Yay! We're so excited here in Fairfax VA!

Hope it works!

My Goodness, doesn't Elias look grown up with his new haircut ... looking like quite the big brother!

LOL- We have all heard of the old wives tails on how to induce labor- my friend tried the cod oil thing- she said drinking it nearly made her puke the baby out- she went into labor within 24 hrs though.
Good luck- Elias must be so excited that he will have a baby sister soon

Drive around on a rutted out road, not too hard to find in Alaska in the winter. Sex, nipple stimulation, sorry I guess that shouldn't go on a family friendly blog. Umm, how crazy is it that you went from the possibility of bed-rest for months to full-term jumping up and down in a playground with your son? And Elias shrugging off the canes and seeking out and getting hugs from his classmates, so freaking awesome. Lots to be grateful for.

Please don't post pictures of some to the other ways to start labor :P

My Mom drank some wine the night before I was born (4 days early). Her friend (who was due a month later) was so certain that this was the reason my mom went into labor that she rushed out and got a case of it! Of course, this was in the days before that whole "let's avoid fetal alcohol syndrome" ramped up.... But you want me to find out what kind of wine it was?

Oh, and my parents were at a yard sale when my Mom went into labor. My grandmother was there with them & she wouldn't leave until she had bought some andirons for the fireplace (which she later gave my parents). So maybe make a trip to Value Village or Bishop's Attic?

Like Dierdre, I loved reading the story about Elias and his classmates. Big hugs all around!

love, Ginna

You are so cute pregnant! Elias looks like he had fun with you -- I can't get over how grown up he looks now.

For some reason, I feel that dec 15th is your day, I'm not sure why I just do.

Can you believe you have made it this far??? I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!! Do your thing girl!!
P.S. So happy to hear Elias is doing fan freaking tastic!

I love that you're in the bouncy castle -- looks like so much fun!! xo

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