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Kids can be so refresh in their abilities to see past differences and accept others based on their heart and killer personalities :)

I teared up when I read this because I know it was/is one of your biggest fears and worries for him. What a blessing for you to witness! Merry Christmas!

Listen to that...your extrodinary child fitting right in with the "normal" ones! How fun!!!

Adults should really should follow the lead of a lot of the kids these days! Elias and his buddies...how cool!

I am so happy for Elias and you. These are his friends not just his class mates and it sounds like he has done wonderfully. Your a great mom!

What a great way to end the week.

What a wonderful week to have your mom and dad there and Elias reaching out and his friends too. Maybe Olivia is listening to all of this and waiting for her special moment.
So happy for you all- this is the true definition of this holiday- family, friends and love.
I am watching every day your blog and hoping to read,"we are off to the hospital". Give my love to your mom and dad and I can't wait for the day when I can meet your special Nick, darling Elias, and Nick's fabulous parents. Of course I want to include Olivia in this message too.
Happy weekend,

Smiling at the imagess this conjurs. :-) Happy Friday, indeed!

Hopefully those kids will be with Elias his whole school career. It'll make middle school much less scary. :)

That is wonderful news!!! It is such a happy thing to see your child interact joyfully with their peers and, in your case, so much more so. I am happy for you and it is time for jumping jacks to kick start little Olive's exit!

I think my heart grew three sizes when I read this post. Yay Elias!

I think even more than Elias saying he didn't need his canes my spirit soared to see him so drawn to the other kids and to see their smiling faces receive him. My concerns about his acceptance socially have been present since I first learned about his vision as a baby and seeing the kids embrace him heals years of worry. Of course, there's always more to worry about...at least if you're me. I wish he would be with these same children for the years to come but with our move across town he will be in a new school next year and so we will have to start all over...I just have to remember that Elias's spirit will win him friends no matter how different he appears at first. And yes, kids are so refreshing and open compared to adults.

Ok, I'm off to do some jumping jacks....:) You can come anytime Olive!

We moved across the state...the Friday before school started on the last Monday in August. Third grade. The students and teachers at the new school have been every bit as friendly, welcoming and accepting of Evan as the school where he started kindergarten and went through second grade. So that's one worry you can cross off. :)

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