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The words will return - perhaps not as they once were, for giving birth has certainly caused me to lose brain cells and, uh,....(seriously, I had the word and I just lost it). Articulate! I am no longer as articulate!

And hooray for Elias - that's so exciting!

So excited for Elias- when worlds open up and they can't stop wanting to "learn". Baby Olivia is adorable- loved both of the pictures and the ones that you paint with your words. You still have your gift and this is the year that you will be "tired" but oh is it worth it. Just relax and enjoy- you just happened to put a ton on your plate all at once.

Christy, you often capture so much of what I feel. My son also just started reading simple words and the feeling was incredible! Thanks for sharing your words and photos! Olive is soooo cute!

Great pics and very cool that he is starting to read! I can't wait until my little one starts doing that!

The photos are wonderful and what fun that Elias has a whole other world opening up to him! can you send your new address? thanks! xo Liz

Thanks for the photographs and the pictures your words paint in this post about Elias' enthusiasm for reading & learning. The latter will be stored in my heart along with the ones of him pushing his wagon across your living room. Both are amazing milestones! Your body is still recovering from pregnancy and a complicated birth and that, from my experience, will take longer than you expect. You have much on your plate right now: new baby, new home, and helping Elias to continue to grow. It will get easier.

Check out www.abcteach.com! They have TONS of worksheets for Elias to do. They have many that you can access for free, and if you pay a small fee (something like $30 for a year) you get access to thousands more. I belonged for several years when my kids were Elias' age and a little older and they loved it. Now they have more homework than we can handle...

Wonderful! What a good time for Elias to "discover" reading. This will give him something JUST for him, something is little sister can't even begin to do. :)

How wonderful to hear that he is so interested in learning to read. With everything that he learns,
he pours his interest and desire into a new skill.
And I love reading your observations, feelings, and expressions of love. Your photos are wonderful. Both children are beautiful.

So don't believe you are losing your words when you write gorgeous things like this! Wonderful pics, too, by the way!

Love the pictures Christy, and your words! Not sure if Elias is as into writing letters as he is into reading them, but I heard recently about traceable fonts that can be downloaded. I couldn't find the link, but you can google traceable fonts if you're interested, several come up. Happy weekend!

Love love love. I love it! All of it!

Yey Elias!! I still remember learning how to read as a child.. it was exciting! I was finally able to decode secret messages in the adult world. And now, as an adult, I love teaching reading.. it's always a treat to watch the skills develop. Congrats to your little man!

That is exciting for Elias! I know you are tired, so tired....newborns alone are enough to crush you with exhaustion, let along everything else you have going on. I appreciate the little glimpses you are able to give us. Little Olivia is so cute. I am so happy for you and wish I could could somehow send a nap just for you your way!

Yea for the reading, that is great.

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