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Oh my goodness she is gorgeous. I realise you have had a physically (and likely emotionally) rocky time during the last two weeks, but I hope you are enjoying these full-term baby days. You look like you have a lovely family and I wish you all a very happy new year.

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the shot with Elias kissing her head and the one with him holding her. Those should be on her birth announcement (if you are sending those out). We had a pic of our daughter holding our son on his announcement. Saying that she was proud to announce the birth of her baby brother.

Oh boy did I LOVE the photos- you started it off tear-jerky- with you and Nick holding Olivia in your stomach! Loved the pictures with both grandma's holding her too and of course Big Brother Elias!I so remember my Nick feeling the same way as Elias- when is she going to big enough to play with? Thank you so much for taking the time out of your incredibly busy schedule to satisfy us who want to share every moment. We wish you so much happiness with this new little princess. Your prince will be so much happier after Monday when he can go back to his every day world.

Happy Happy New Year in your new House, New child and New adventures.

What a wonderful holiday season. Here is to the new year and may it be all you hope for.

thanks for the wonderful pictures--she is indeed beautiful and Elias is so cute holding her-the best to you with love and hugs for the new year.

Welcome to the world, Olive! Congratulations to Big Brother, Elias, and Mom and Dad. Everyone looks beautiful and happy and I feel like all my hopes and prayers have been answered from the first day Nick shared that Olive was on the way! You are a lovely family and thanks for starting my New Year with a big smile.

She is just gorgeous!! What a wonderful early Christmas present you got!!

Amazing, wonderful, beatiful pictures! I was so excited to see them this morning! What a treat! Everyone looks great - especially YOU! What a happy little family, and what a beautiful little girl! Can't wait to hear and see more over time...keep taking care of yourself, pal! xoxo Anno

such nice pictures, had me in tears too. Take care of yourself, those first few weeks are hard especially with another child to take care of and a new house full of boxes.

She is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

You did good kid! Valerie

Dear little baby!!....A lot of love for your special family and you!....beautifull pics!

You guys all look wonderful! Congratulations! xoxo

Christy I love your pictures!!! I have to say my favourite is the one of the 4 of you in the hospital, Elias looking at Olivia and seems t obe saying What is she doing here?????

I shouldnt have opened this at work, now I sit at my desk crying. I am so happy for you!
I have been so out of touch - the day I had my own (full-term!) baby girl in June my house burned down. Between that and school and finding a new job I havnt been able to catch up much with anyone.
Sometimes I feel guilty over how much I love my little girl - a love compltely free of medical worry (although the habit was hard to break). A love completely free of all the different feelings Jake inspired in me.
I can't wait to read what you write because you clarify so well what I feel about my own life. (no pressure! haha).
I am so very glad for you - Olive doesnt really understand yet what a supermom she has. Lucky girl.

Ahhh those chubby cheeks! I love them and I bet you can't get enough of kissing them. Again congratulations on your sweet full term baby and thank you for posting new pictures. Olive is truly beautiful!

Olivia looks like she has the most beautiful eyes. What a beautiful family you make. Although it sounds like you've been through the ringer, enjoy these days b/c they steal away.

I love the pictures of Elias with Olive. I'm sure it's a hard transition for him to make but you can't tell by the kodak moments. Hope this new year brings good things your way. lots of love.

So Perfect!! Loved every picture!!

What a pretty baby! You look like you are really enjoying your family of four. Keep resting-thanks for the update!

C, N E & O,
Thinking of you! C, as usual was moved by your written words, Max just came to ask me why I was crying, hard to explain "tear of joy" to a seven year old! I'll send an email soon!


She is just.... breathtaking! Can you beleive you CREATED her????!!!!

Wow, good work Christy!

She is so beautiful!!! I love all the amazing pictures, but especially the one of Elias holding Olive. So sweet! Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Take care.

GORGEOUS!!! The whole family is GORGEOUS!

Bring on the PINK! What happy, wonderful photos. I too love the one with Elias kissing Olive -- so precious! xo

Christy and Nick, I am so very happy for you. You all look wonderful in the photos, and Olive is just as gorgeous as Elias. If you need help unboxing things, give me a call. I am taking some time off from work and would love to help you and meet Olvie. Mae Ann

Olive is so beautiful! I am so happy for you and I am hoping you are continuing to feel better!

what a gorgeous family!

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