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I hope everybody, everywhere in the world help and think and pray for all those people....our heart is with them.....

Yeah that guy's a fucktard. Love your blog!

I may have this wrong- but isn't today your birthday? If it is, Happy Birthday and if it isn't- my love goes to you anyhow. I tried to mail my package to your darling children today and missed it by 5 minutes so it will go out Monday. I really searched for something fun for Elias to do when you are busy- I will be curious to see what you think.
Take care to you all

Have you seen Satan's letter to Pat Robertson? Too fabulous for words. Oh, and happy birthday! Are we old yet?


Old is relative Brooke:) And yes, Nick linked to this letter on his FB page. I love it!

Noel, I'll look forward to receiving the package whenever it arrives--you are too sweet!

Thanks Ellen!!!

Here here Sara!

(How many more exclamation points can I use? It must be my b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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