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happy birthday! such a lovely gift!

That's true love, for sure! Remind him of that when he squeezes her a bit too hard!

That is adorable!!

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!

I wish a wanderful B-day!....Elias is really a lovely boy!

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! What a perfect gift, indeed. :-)

See. He DOES love her :)
Happy Birthday!!!

Aww...Happy Birthday!

It sounds like Elias is finding his balance...in more ways than one... :)

Happy birthday Christy! You'll have to play the Sarah McLachlan Ice Cream song for Elias!

Outstanding! Understanding those comparisons is no small thing. Truly a wonderful gift to mommy on her birthday.

Happy Birthday!

What a great gift for him to give you - as those Mastercard commercials went: priceless

What a wonderful birthday gift for you -- love from Nick and love from Elias to Olive. ;) So sweet!

Happy Birthday! The most satisfying thing in my life is the love my kids have for each other. It has been a marvelous healing balm for some of my old wounds. Aren't they just the best thing that ever could happen to you? :)

And so it begins!!

Happy birthday Christy!

that's a great story :)

Thank you all for the b-day wishes!!!!!

YAY for sibling love!

Happy Birthday!

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