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Precious!!! Congratulations to all of you!!! I know Elias will be a great big brother!

LOL. This totally made me smile!

What a wonderful Friday message! Besides being sleep deprived, I hope, Christy, that you are continuing to improve daily. Also, I am anxious to hear about Elias' first week back at school. I hope he is able to stay with his "old" friends who love him so much. How about Nick? Did he have a good week back too or is he still on leave? Love to all!

Precious and perfect! I think she looks a lot like Elias in the top picture. Have a good weekend! I hope you get a decent chunk of sleep this weekend.

Are you feeling better? I did the massive blood loss thing too. It was the three week point when I finally started to turn the corner and begin to feel human again.

Love the pics, especially the last one!

Super cute, you and Nick make good babies!

PS- I know this is all about Olive right now but don't think I missed Elias walking into your room without his canes! I can't wait to hear about his progress. Hang in there with the lack of sleep and crying and all that new baby goodness, that smile is worth it all.

Definitely not gas... :o)

By the way, I think she and Elias have the same lips/mouth. I know everyone probably has their opinions. I hear them about Jona all of the time, too, but I couldn't help but share my thoughts.

Way to grow, Olive! See you all soon.

Too cute!!!!!!

internet problems for the past few days so just got caught up. Your writing is better than ever Christy and I feel like I am right there with you! Olive is the CUTEST little thing and smiling already! wow. I have a need for your new address. email me? thanks.

What gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your lovely sweet baby via pics!

She's GORGEOUS! And I agree, she especially looks like Elias in the last picture! Oh, and *8* pounds?!?!? YAY!!! GO OLIVE!! She sure knows how to grow!

Congratulations to all of you! What a beautiful family! We're SO excited and happy for you! (and I think I'll stop the exclamation points now. =))

I laughed out loud. Thanks I needed that

She's beautiful Cristy. Congrats!


Adorable! She's one happy camper--like her big brother (except between 11-3 am). Great pictures!

She is precious! Looks and sounds like you are right where you dreamed of being. Enjoy every moment!

This baby is too much adorable!!....A nice week-end!

Oh my gosh!!! She is just too cute!!!

What a sweetie!

She is sooo CUTE Christy!! Congratulations again to you and the new family. Hope you're able to spend a lot of time enjoying it all, despite the adjustments and lack of sleep!

Christy, she is beautiful! Love that sweet smile of hers.

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