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Be here, in the now...resonates so deeply with me tonight. Your "now" looks so beautiful...your beautiful daughter (two months!! Time flies.) and your amazing, strong, resilient growing boy...don't blink!

Look at him, he's amazing. So is that beautiful girl.

what a great family! Valerie

They are both getting so big.

Yes, yes, yes!!! Elias is perfect and exactly who and where he is supposed to be! Timelines and labels are meaningless, having nothing to do with the beautiful boy who shares your life :) I always say that Arthur is just where HE needs to be and he will learn what he needs to, when he needs to know it and no one else can decide what or when that is. I just need to trust in the learning process and enjoy who he is right at this moment.

We can't know the future, we can only enjoy the now. (and soon that now will not include colic, thank goodnss ;)

Thank you for the reminder of the perfectness of the present moment for everybody including those of us with kids not following those charts. I

Beautiful post is what I was thinking and then Angus came in and said," what are the poles for?" "Does he get to go skiing today?"" He is so lucky." to which I responded, "They are pretty cool aren't they?" Olive may be cute but Elias certainly has the cool gear. sweet dreams.

yeah! happy 2 mos. Olive. happy questioning Elias. Thinking about you guys a lot. We have had a challenging couple of weeks with early wake ups, sickness (they still teethe when they are almost 2??) and a house flood from the washing machine. We have needed to call up those skills of parenting and letting go of trying to fix everything that we learn so well when they are tiny. Hope that the drippy spring light will bring us all out of our caves and into some healthier sleep habits and fun socializing. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Liz

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