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That is just sick! I have a lot stronger words than "screw you", but I will leave them in my head for now (although I would like to scream them in this small minded idiot's face). I'm sending this link to Jezebel and an Athiest blog that I subscribe to...if they haven't seen it already. They will chew it up.

Now, back to my Olympic watching. So proud of the city that I call home!

Have a great week, Christy.

He's an idiot.

can we say, ass?

speechless with disgust:(

Localish for me, and yeah, he sucks. Even his so called apology/correction was along the lines of 'I'm sorry you took it that way...' Useless!

The good news is that he has been dis-invited to speak at a local Republican event because of the uproar from his comments. But if anyone deserves a dirty hockey sock in their pie-hole it is he.

His own statements are contradictory and absurd. Shouldn't a man so concerned with the preservation of innocent life (not my issue here, btw) be equally reverent of the subsequent innocent lives? If that were true, he would be labeling these children as "blessings" instead of "punishments." The tragedy is that this man is in a position of power in any level of government. He obviously respects his politics more than life.

Christy, I've been following your blog since you were with Parents, for a couple of years now. Congrats to you, your hubby and big brother Elias. Olive is precious. My baby girl was recently diagnosised with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) and spastic cerebral palsy. So as a new mother of a special needs child still trying to feel my way through this new territory and learning how to be a champion for my child, I appreciate your blog and your voice for our children.
This article makes me sad about the world our children have to live in. Our children are blessings from God and they are and will become wonderful people for the challenges they will and already have overcome. And they will make us as parents better people as we are inspired by their bravery and ability to excel despite any disability.

What an ass. Hard to believe how stupid some people are.

Wow, that's a wild statement. I'm a Christian and pro life myself but I have never heard anyone else teach anything like that, that's rediculous. It's so sad and sick when people give God a bad name by saying hurtful things like that. I'm sorry.

Unfortunately, some twisted individuals take it upon themselves to identify what they consider "sins" and punish others verbally for them. That is cruel and not at all Christian. How awful, for people with no understanding to attack those who already have many challenges! Thank goodness for special needs children, who reach out so bravely for life and teach us so much love.

Wow. I'm pretty much at a loss for words. I, too, am a Christian, and I'm pro-life, but I also support and love friends and family members who have had abortions. It's a hard decision to make, but not one that deserves punishment. The God I believe in is loving and forgiving, not vengeful. In my experience, parents of special needs children are special themselves. I believe that God chooses these parents carfeully because he knows how much they will love their children, no matter the circumstances. This man needs a serious reality check.

There should be a special place in hell for people who think children are a punishment from God.

OMG!! I can't believe someone REALLY said that and of course what is worse is that he thought it!!!! Wow! I am just.... YIKES!!!

Firstly, this man should have given up 'saying stupid and cruel things' for Lent!

Secondly, my special needs son is a blessing and no one will ever tell me otherwise. I guess this '(censored by myself)' himself has never been so blessed. My ds always challenges me, shows me what determination is and there is no such thing thing as a boring day.

Third, our God is a loving God and how dare he use Him for his own agenda!

How utterly lost this guy is. Christy, if only he knew that the complete opposite is TRUE. What light and love and life lessons you as parents (and all who follow Elias) have learned from dear Elias and his uniqueness and his attitude toward life. This man is misguided and heartless. I'd love for all holier than though right-wingers to step down from their self-imagined thrones and remember the biblical story of 'let he who is without sin throw the first stone' and, even more, the beatitudes which throw the commonly held notions of wordly happiness into paradox.

Pocrastamom, I'm glad you send the link on so others could tear his thinking apart.

Blanche I'm glad to hear he got disinvited!

Erin, good points and well said, especially your last line, true indeed!

Jill, thank you for writing and sharing that you too are on this unique journey of learning how to navigate and advocate for the special-needs children we love, the blessings who teach us to be better, even when its hard, and if that is "punishment" then we should all be so punished.

Kit and Kristin, thank you for writing, I have many Christian pro-life friends and though we may disagree on some issues we do so with love and respect for each other. As it should be. As you both so well said.

Here here Linda, what gives him the right to judge and label?

Yes Sange Yes!

Thank you Greta! Beautiful indeed!

And I hear ya on all the names for this guy and more!!!!! Love having you out there to vent with.

I actually knew Bob Marshall back when I worked in the Virginia Governor's Office. He was always a crackpot.

Lots of wisdom in your comments... more than in an legislature I've ever known. (I particularly agree with Kristin's.)

Great blog! Best wishes to you and Elias and Olive.

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