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I need a "Like" button here!

YAY!! You weathered the storm and now you get to enjoy the calm seas and sunshine on your face. Elias may just need a bit more time. Three months feels like a lot longer of a time span to them than to us...

What great news and pictures. Loved the picture with the three of you. So happy that things are calming down and you can get back to a more normal life.
Lots of love

She makes some of Elias' same expressions. Look at the fat tummy in that last pic. Lurve it! Yay for happy babies!


I see nothing wrong with hanging out in a bar...maybe that's why she was so chill!

LOVE the tummy and the smile! So glad she had a good night...the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching.

So stinkin' cute. I read these at work and the pictures don't load. It is a MUCH better post with the pics!

forget about the cute baby...I am so impressed that through all of this you are still managing to play hockey and win no less! power mama!

Congrats on the hockey win! Wish I was up to playing hockey 3 months post childbirth (and a c-section too, WOW - you ARE super!)

And a super congrats on your little girl finding her smile. The more she smiles, I am sure the more Elias will warm to her as well. It's a big job being a big brother, especially if the little sister is demanding all the attention.

I haven't posted for a while either, but would echo the views of many other posters to your previous posts about Elias. I wouldn't in any way underestimate the effect of a new baby coming in to the home on his behaviour, attitude, schooling etc etc etc.

Here's hoping that as baby Olive settles into a better routine, so will Elias and then you'll be able to spend more time in bars post hockey games relaxing!


Congrats on the hockey win. When DD was 3 months and up to about a year she would stay up till close to midnight so when I got home from work I could have some time with her. I think 10 is just fine. The nice thing for DH was when she started sleeping thought the night, she would sleep till like 11 the next day so we had a few morning hours with her.

hooray! great to see her growing up so much and hear about her growing quietly.... love to all of you from guatemala!

My high school classmate is the woman behind "Alaska Love." So fun to see it on Olive!

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