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Oh no! I hope you wrote a note to the tooth fairy. These things happen. :)


Oh no!!! You've just described my fear. :-( I hope you're able to find it. *sigh* I'm still waiting for Nik's first tooth to come out. I suspect it'll be a while; he was very late even getting teeth (almost a year old).

LOL! That is a great story!

Ha! I hope you found it. If it makes you feel better, Xander swallowed his first. I had him draw a picture of it, but I made sure to watch out for the second. :o)

Nick looked through the trash and we still couldn't find it, I told him the Tooth Fairy has experience with lost teeth ending up in the garbage or swallowed. Could kick myself for not checking it out in the morning but really all I can do is laugh. And I'm relieved he actually knew when it fell out.


What a cute story:)

My third son also swallowed his first one.

too funny! I'm so impressed that he wasn't concerned about it or that he didn't say it hurt or something. From what you have written I guess you weren't at all surprised that he was unfazed by the whole thing. I guess he saves the drama for other moments.

Classic :-). And so the sort of thing I would do! Hope the tooth fairy can find it.

LOVE IT! Haven't thrown any out, but certainly lost a few, that's why I have a back up stash, of other teeth lost (not necessarily by the same child) in a box in my dresser. Can always pull out one and present it as "said tooth" when it comes time to leave it for the toothfairy:) Does this make me a bad mom, or just resourceful? Can't wait to see you guys, is it June?

Oh sweet toothless boy. Give him a big hug for us!


That is a GREAT first-lost-tooth story, love it!

Resourceful Megan and creative but never bad...yes June 8-10 we'll be there so save the date if youare in town.

Ginna pictures don't really show it b/c its his bottom tooth but I'll try to get the busy guy to pose for you!

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