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Way to go, Elias! Love that he climbed his first tree. And I love that you are able to see the beauty within both your children and the trees...whatever anyone else may have to say about their "health."

your writing lately has been SOOOO good. I love it! Before chopping down a tree that might be sick, I would recc. to have Tall Trees come over and take a look at all of your trees. Ask for Mike, he is the owner, and wonderful, and knows so much about trees. I have my birch tree receive vitamins each spring and it does not have any of those leaf eaters attack it and the leaves last probably three weeks longer than the other trees in the neighborhood. Valerie

What a neat memory...the first tree he climbed !
I agree with Valerie...a tree expert can recomm.
something to nurish...maybe something you can do just thru email and photos. Olive looks so hugable!
And your writing is just wonderful to read. Thank you for sharing. :) Mae Ann

I am just so fixed on 15 pounds- way to go Mom.
Love your writing- I wish I could say more but I am so tired tonight. I can't wait for you to be home with your family- or your Taft family. Everyone is waiting to hug you, Olive, Elias and Nick.

I am so excited to read your blog and see/hear about the amazing growth and changes in your little ones. You have such a lovely way expressing yourself that I always find myself imagining what you are describing and feel closer to you than the reality that we have never met. Thanks for sharing!

ditto what everyone said.

Lovely telling of a sweet accomplishment.

Thank you Valerie, in all kinds of ways! I will do some research on the tree this summer for sure. Thank you all for supporting my writing and my family's journey, it means a lot. And 15 whopping pounds still amazes me...:)

Wow 15 lbs at 4 months- congrats! Our youngest just weighed in at 16lbs nearly 10months- she has finally caught up from her 2lbs at birth.
I am so happy to hear that Elias climbed his first tree- its something Im sure he will remember and want to do again like all lil boys.

My sister has a baby just like Olive ... way above in weight at that age ... I call him Tank ... he's such a happy healthy baby ... Tankers ... ;-]

Ah, yes, my boys always called the Mt. Ash the 'climbing tree.' I am glad that your son can enjoy it.

Oh, and by the way, I don't recall ever talking about taking the tree down nor was I aware that it was diseased. It is a wonderful tree, but it is getting old and needs care. The north trunk has not leafed out in the past several years. As I am sure you noticed, the tree is wired. That was done several years ago to try and prevent it from splitting. For the past several years, I have wrapped the trunks to prevent the moose from eating the bark.

As for the birch trees, for the past several years I have had Tall Trees treat it for aphids. The systemic treatment also dealt with the leaf minors that were such a problem a few years ago.

The mountain ash in the northend of the yard was started from the tree in the backyard. I hope that the moose weren't too hard on it this year.

The lilac on the side yard between the Mt. Ash and the birch trees in a Korean Dwarf Miss Kim. It is the last for the lilacs to bloom.

The lilac in the backyard is a heirloom.

All of the rose bushes are shrub roses and some have been in the yard for 10-12 years. You will also find several peonys. The one next to the back door is the first too bloom. It should probably be divided this year...the number of blossoms have been on the decline in recent years. All of the iris and shooting stars are natives. Some are nearly as old as the house.

The former Owner - Enjoy!

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