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Oh how funny! That last shot? EXQUISITE!! What a sassy l'il miss. ;-)

OMG, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to meet her. Did you make the sassy pants? LOVE them! They need to be framed once she outgrows them:)

I want to eat her she's so cute! happy friday indeed.

She really is adorable!

I can't even sew on a button so no Megan I didn't make them but Elias's speech therapist from school made them for Olive and I love love the idea of framing them b/c I'm already sad that they'll only fit her for another oh hour or so at the rate she seems to be growing...:)

You should save your fav outfits of hers and have a little quilt made out of pieces of them. She will love hearing stories about each piece Or seeing photos of her wearing them and then being able to touch them. She is SO yummy!

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