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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Elias sees it all!!

Wow, as always, your words leave me speechless.

I know what you mean! I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and I WISH I could teach the kids what real nature is like! The best I can do is drive them to local forest preserves, where we walk on paved paths and play in woods littered with fast food wrappers and dirty diapers, with the sound of traffic not far away. It would be lovely to get back to a more natural, sustainable way of life!

Thank you Mom and Noel!

Nicki, I hear ya. Even here in Alaska, a place known for its natural beauty, I'm amazed by the amount of trash I find in the woods. I think no matter where we live, the wilds of Alaska or the urban hustle of Chicago, we can make changes for a more sustainable world, It doesn't mean giving up city life or everyone moving to the country but redesigning our communities around local economies...oh I could go on but I know you know.

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