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This IS good. Elias is fiercely independent and it will stand him in good stead for a lifetime. Easier to say than to live with, I know. We're going through similar things here with Nik. There are days I woulc be happy to shhip him off to someone else for a while. Then, the storm clouds pass and the sun emerges and we have joyful, wondrous moments together. :-)

I'm so proud of you. Lv Ya Kim

I LOVE his "Can you say....the canes!" So perfect and aware!

nice to hear him advocating for himself in positive ways, too!

Hey. Not to be a grammar dork or anything, but if you're transcribing this correctly, it means his grammar is changing too. He's gone from "You want to..." to "I want you to..." That seems like progress!!

I seriously am surprised my parents didn't disown me in my teenage years! I, too, was a "I hate you!" and door slammer ... and went from Florida to Alaska :). Fighting for autonomy and independence from our parents is one of the most "normal" things we do!

Wanted to stop back to tell you I just finished reading your essay in "My Baby Rides the Short Bus." You captured it all so beautifully, I felt like you were writing about my life with my son.

Sending good thoughts, warm wishes and sunshine your way.

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