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So Proud of Elias and his improvement in his writing. We can see the change from December so distinctly. Keep it up Elias!!

Yes indeed...WOW!! I am so proud of him! (If that isn't weird & creepy coming from someone you only know via cyberspace.)

Holy cow! That's fantastic. The progression is amazing and gives me serious hope that my Nik will be able to do the same; his pictures still look very much like Elias' first one.

OMG!!! That is so freaking AWESOME!!! YOU ROCK ELIAS!!!

Awesome! We weren't sure Tobes would ever be able to write well either - now he's a champ. He writes a little larger than typical kids, and a little slower, but who cares. We do 'scribe' some for him for longer writing assignments.

Very cool Elias!

Our kids never cease to amaze us do they? You must be so proud and Elias must be happy too. Think of the confidence he is gaining each and every day. wow.

Oh my! Elias is amazing! I am so impressed and almost overwhelmed by his incredible progress -- and you must be just busting at the seams excited for him! Way to go Mom (and Dad and teachers)!

and no reversals in his numbers. wow! valerie

way to go elias! those numbers are especially beautiful!

This is amazing! I'm so proud of him! Way to go, Elias! That cow was incredible. It makes me think of that time you wrote about pointing out a pelican to Elias, and he said, I don't see that, Mommy. But up close, it looks like he's doing pretty well. What an amazing thing to begin to see how he views his world thought the power of HIS own writing!

Is it just me, or does his writing look like a typical kindergartners? Woot!

I love how studious he looks in those pictures! Congrats to Elias!

What excellent work Elias! A superstar for sure! As a first grade teacher, that is what I see in the fall! Way to go! That cow rocks!

Wow is all I can say, other than that I am speechless and I'm so proud of him!

you just gave me so much hope, my son gifted me with a tornado an hour ago

Love it!!

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I am soooo impressed by the progress! You rock, Elias!!

Good Job Elias!!!!

Woohooo!!!!! I am doing virtual hi-fives with Elias on his progress!!!


Yeah for Elias!!!! I know you must be beaming with pride (as well you should!), since I'M proud of him and we've never even met. Wow... he has come so far.

AWEsome! :) He's doing almost as well as my third-grader with dysgraphia. LOL!!

I have been looking at this at school for day BUT I COULDN'T SEE THE PICTURES (websense blocked them!!) Glad I remembered to look at home this morning. They are GREAT!!!

I love it! Hugs to Elias.

Wow, you must be SO PROUD!

OH MY GOD!! That's amazing!! It brought tears to my eyes, literally. I've taught pre-K, K and 1st and so I've watched a lot of kids learn to write. But this is special.. oh so very special and amazing. Way to go Elias!

Super job, Elias! You are working so hard and you are fantastic!

C and W

I have LOVED reading all your comments!!!!!!!!! Elias is such a lucky kid to have you all rooting for him! (And I'm kinda lucky too!!!)

Very cool! The glasses look great on him! Very impressive!

Ok, so this really gets me teared up. What an absolute inspiration. This is the definition of hope.

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