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That sound you just heard? That was me swallowing the lump in my throat as I read that Elias is going to first grade! WOW.

I know you can't wait to be home with your boys. Safe travels.

Glad your boys will be with you soon!

WAHOOOO!!!! for Elias going to 1st grade!!! Gotta love progress even when we want to push those breaks sometimes!!!

I will watch MY big girl graduate preschool tomorrow and I am already teary!!

Standing O from here, too. Congrats, Christy!

Thanks all!!!

My boys will actually be joining me here on Cape Cod tonight--for two more weeks-- and then we will all fly home together in early June.

And it is an odd mix of wanting to keep them small and watch them grow.

Fantastic for Elias! Clearly he WAS supposed to survive!

Christy, You are right, he DID ask every few minutes, "Is it time to go to the airport, Dad?" I heard it myself several times when I saw him that day:)I hope you are having a FANTASTIC time. And a huge congratulations to Elias on going to first grade!!!!!

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