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Great pictures of Elias and Olivia! I miss you all, Tonsina is fine. It's 70 here today and unbelievably
gorgeous. Talk soon.......

It reached 90 here today, a little too hot for me but it was cooler out on the ocean. Glad Tonzie is doing well--thank you! We miss you too...

They are so cute. It is fun seeing them playing together :)

no surprise that you and Nick made two movers and groovers. Did you honestly expect a couch potato? Enjoy the sea breeze and being with your WHOLE family. Xo.

Look at them! It always makes my day to see pic updates of those adorable children of yours.

I am smiling with joy knowing how your parents are over the top having all of you there. But I do so chuckle when you think that you would have a "calm" baby- who are you kidding. You and Nick, from what I have gathered over the years are not couch potatoes- far from it. What are you thinking!!!!! I am just so thrilled that you have children that fit into your life styles! I know you are having a blast and the kids are being swept off by two fabulous grandparents- oh so lucky you both are to have fabulous grandparents in Alaska and here!!! Lucky children. I cannot wait until the day that I meet all of you
Lots of love to you all

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