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Glad she did well! My babies always flew well when they were nursing. I am more nervous to take them now when they DON'T nurse anymore!!
Have a GREAT time! We are east coast bound in 2 weeks!!! Can't wait, although coming from AZ rather then AK mean WE are going up there to COOL DOWN!!!

Yay for two great flights and toes in the sand!

Olive knew the east coast would be wonderful and she couldn't wait to get there either! :)

Hurray for a great little traveler! Now, go enjoy your well deserved vacation! :-)

Aw, happy for you! And a little jealous... Think of me when you pass "Soft as a Grape." That store always cracks me up. :)

We both miss you. Elias cant wait to see you. He is already starting to count down the days.... over and over and over......
love you

Glad the flight went well. Enjoy your vacation!

So glad that you are here on the Cape! Wonderful just knowing you are so close - see you very soon! : )

Hilarious that you handed out ear plugs & chocolate. What a great idea! Have a great trip!

What a wonderful idea. I have given friends this fun bag:
an Eraser: so you can make all your mistakes disappear.
A Penny: so you will never say "I'm broke.
Marbles: in case someone says, "You've lost all of your marbles."
A Rubber Band: to stretch yourself beyond your limits.
String: To tie things together when everything falls apart.
A Hug (a Hershey one) and a Kiss (Hershey) to remind you that someone cares and loves you.
Hope you have a wonderful time with your fabulous parents.

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