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More rolls than a Thanksgiving dinner - as my husband always says. Baby rolls are the best - oh and I love the Cankles too! She is just precious!

Oh, Christy! What a sight! She may get a bit upset with you for posting that on the internet someday, but I agree - celebrate the thunder! How wonderful, beautiful, squeezable! Are there knees in there somewhere??

Holly only has a whisper of a thigh roll left. When that's gone, she won't be a baby anymore. Thanks for sharing Olive's luscious gams with us all. :)

P.S. Isn't it so satifying knowing you not only grew that kid, you made the milk that made all that lovely chub?

Those are some gorgeous legs.....so sad society doesn't still ooh and aah over thunder-thighs and cankles when you're over 30!

I miss her.... see you both Monday.

Wow those are some GREAT legs :) She is such a doll.

Love 'em!

YES, if only all rolls and chunks were celebrated on all women at all ages! And double yes that it feels wonderful to know she's growing so well and is such a chunk and its all from my milk. Crazy really. And i LOVE the term cankles:)

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